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7 Crucial Things to Consider when You're Choosing a Roommate ...

By Holly

Deciding to live with someone is a huge decision, which is why there are some crucial things to consider when choosing a roommate. You might have a friend you get along well with, but their way of living could conflict with yours. You want to try to find someone who won’t ruin your routine or cause daily fights. The following things to consider when choosing a roommate should help you make the right decision.

1 Her Schedule

Your potential roommate might work nights while you work mornings. Since your work schedules are different, your sleep schedules will differ as well. If you like your privacy, being awake at different times can be a good thing. But if you think that she’ll keep you up while you’re trying to sleep, it could be a deal breaker. One of the biggest things to consider when choosing a roommate is whether their schedule will mess yours up.

2 Her Relationship Status

If you don’t want one guy constantly visiting your place, then you’ll want to avoid having a roommate with a boyfriend. If the relationship is serious enough, her and her man will be a packaged deal. Expect to see him often. On the other hand, if you’re annoyed by new men walking through your door every night, don’t get a single, one-night stand loving roommate. Your roommate’s love life might feel like it’s none of your business, but it’ll affect you while you’re under the same roof.

3 Her Hobbies

If your potential roommate loves playing the drums or guitar, you’ll either have to deal with it, ask her to practice when it’s convenient for you, or tell her to find a new place. If she’s an artist, she might take up the living room with her supplies or want to hang her portraits around the place. If you’re proud of her talent or share the same hobby, that’s a plus. Just find out what she’s into before you move in together to see if you can live with it. You don’t want her to stop doing what she loves just because something about it annoys you.

4 Her Cleanliness

If you’re bothered by dirty dishes sitting in the sink, you’ll want a roommate that keeps it clean. If you’re the only one who cares about a spotless house, then you’ll be stuck doing all of the work. So make sure that you’re on the same page as far as cleanliness is concerned. Also ask if she’s a smoker. If you’re the one who smokes, then make sure that she doesn’t have a problem with cigarettes.

5 Her Need for Privacy

Some people prefer quiet nights in with no one else around. If you desire privacy, then don’t move in with someone who likes to have friends over every night. It’ll only make you upset and create friction between you and your roommate. If you’re a partier, make sure you end up with someone that doesn’t mind alcohol and loud music. You don’t want your fun to be ruined by an annoyed roommate.

6 Her Bathroom Habits

Some people spend hours in the shower, hours doing their hair, and hours applying make-up. If your place only has one bathroom, then you’re going to have to share. Find out if your potential roommate has a habit of making herself look perfect every morning or if she just runs out of the house without caring. Of course, spending a long time in the bathroom doesn’t mean that you should reject her as a roommate. It just means that you’ll have to work out a schedule.

7 Her Personality

Personality is always important. You want to live with someone that you’re able to get along with. She doesn’t have to be your best friend, but it helps to enjoy her company. That way, you can relax with her after a long day or talk to her about your issues. Having someone nearby that you can depend on is never a bad thing.

Before you agree to live with someone, make sure that you’ll be able to get along. Have you ever had a bad roommate? What did they do that bothered you?

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