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7 Hospitable Tips for Making Guests Feel Welcome in Your Home ...

By Heather

Having guests in your home is so much fun, but can be tedious too, so keep in mind some common, simple pointers to making guests feel welcomed in your home each and every time. No matter what, remember that as a guest, they shouldn’t feel weird, out of place, or unwelcome. You want to make them feel genuinely appreciated, welcomed and honored. These tips may take a teeny bit of effort on your part, but it will be well worth it! Making guests feel comfortable in your home has never been easier and is a great way to show off your hospitality skills.

1 Greet Them at the Door

When making guests feel welcome, it is very important to greet them immediately at the door. Don’t allow them to linger outside the door, ringing the bell, wondering if you’re even home because you’ve gotten sidetracked with dishes, laundry,your hair, etc. Watch for them to pull up when expecting them so you can greet them at the door and not leave them outside waiting. It is fine to let them ring the bell, but be sure you’re not but a few steps away so they don't feel strange or forgotten standing outside your door too long.

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2 Don’t Tell Them to Take off Their Shoes

I know, I know. You might like clean floors, and I do too. Truth be known, I like the fact that my family usually removes our shoes before we come in, but we don’t expect our guests to. No matter how you feel about shoes on the floor, don’t ask someone to take off their shoes unless they offer. It’s just weird to people who don’t know you well enough to appreciate your cleanly nature.

3 Shake Their Hand

If you’re meeting a guest or guests in your home for the first time, extend your hand and shake it firmly, much like you would someone you meet out in public. This is a great physical way to break the ice. If it’s a date you’re greeting at your door as a guest, it might seem weird to shake their hand, so instead welcome them inside and just offer a big smile.Handshake or not,a smile is always a great way to make someone feel welcome.

4 Offer Them a Drink

First things, first! After you give your initial greetings to guests, don’t forget to offer them something to drink, whether it be water, tea, or whatever else you have. This makes guests feel welcomed and comfortable, plus, since you’re all going to be talking, they won’t get parched or dehydrated.

5 Start a Conversation

If you’re shy, it can be hard to make a guest feel welcomed if you’re not talking to them much, or because you don’t know what to say. So, before they arrive, or as soon as they get there, think of a general topic you can talk to them about and just start a conversation. No one likes to be in a stranger’s house in awkward silence. If nothing else, compliment them on their clothes and go from there.

6 Feed Them a Meal

One really tasty and simple way to make guests feel welcomed in your home is to make a meal for them, or at least bake something. If you don’t have any cooking skills, make a tasty lemonade or buy something at the store to serve instead. If nothing else, have a plate of fruit out or brew some coffee or tea.

7 Send Them Home with a Treat

Lastly, when guests leave your home, send them home with something. If it’s a short visit, it can be as simple as a slice of your homemade banana bread, or if they’re there for a longer stay or for a meal, send them home with something small and simple. It could be a recipe card, a bookmark with an inspiring quote, a bouquet of flowers, a small plant, cute coffee mug with candy, a box of your favorite herbal tea wrapped up pretty, or even something as simple as a batch of your favorite muffins. Anything goes, but don’t hand them over anything you’ve already used or dipped your hands into such as used lotions or coffee mugs. That’s just gross and they’ll likely know! Sending guests home with a little treat lets them know you are glad they came, and hope they’ll come back, or at least lets them know you’re extremely generous.

There are many more tips that we call can use to make people feel comfortable when they enter our home. I’d love to hear any of your tips if you have any! What’s your best guest-welcoming tip?

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