7 Things to do before Having House Guests ...


7 Things to do before Having House Guests ...
7 Things to do before Having House Guests ...

There’s always so many things to do before having house guests! It usually takes 24-48 hours prior to your guests arriving to prepare for them. Sometimes it can be stressful preparing for them because it seems like there is so much to do. However, here’s a list of things to do before having house guests.

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Clean the Bathroom

One of the most important things to do before having house guests over is clean your bathrooms – and I mean all of them! Regardless if your guests are only over for 30 minutes, you never know who will need to go to the washroom. Furthermore, the more house guests you have over, the higher the chance that more than one will need to use the washroom at the same time, so having all your washrooms prepared is best. Ensure your washroom is stocked with toilet paper rolls, (paper) towels and soap at the very least.


Pre-prepare Food

If your guests are coming over to your house, it’s most likely they are coming to see you and not your home (unless it’s a house warming party, but still...), so try to stay out of the kitchen as much possible! The best way to do that is pre-prepare food beforehand so all you need to do is cook or bake your food, rather than having to do all the prep work as well, like chopping, slicing and dicing.


Clean Kitchen

Most guests try to be as courteous as possible and will help their hostess in the kitchen. As much as you refuse their help, there will always be that one persistent house guest who sneaks in to the kitchen to help you (which you’re secretly happy about), so try to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. For example, keep dirty pots and pans in the sink to a minimum and make sure last night’s trash was taken out.


Organized Entrance

For safety, as well as aesthetic reasons, keep the entrance of your house clean and organized. This means providing a place for guests to put their shoes, hang their jackets and stow their umbrellas or bags if needed. In addition, if you have children, make sure there are no toys (or small children) by the entrance as this can be a tripping hazard. The entrance is the most important part of your home because it gives the first impression.


Be Prepared for a Sleepover

If you’re serving alcohol or throwing a party in the snowiest of winter days, be prepared to have guests sleep over. With that being said, you don’t have to offer them your own bed but have clean pillows and blankets ready as well as clean towels and toothbrushes. If you have a guest room make sure it’s dusted and stocked. But most importantly, if you’re going to have guests sleeping over, make sure you have enough food for breakfast as well!


Open the Windows

Before your guests come over, ideally while you’re cooking, try having the windows open for as long as possible to air out any odours from food or pets. Another good reason to open your windows is because it allows for fresh air to circulate through the house and is a healthier alternative to sprays and plug-ins. Keep in mind to be careful when your windows are open during the spring time, because some of your guests might be allergic to pollen. In addition, never keep windows fully open when you’re not in the room as this can attract intruders!


Have Drinks Ready upon Arrival

Even if your guest lives next door, it’s always nice to be welcomed with a drink ready for them. A chilled drink during the hot summer days or hot drink during the winter nights is ideal and a great way to treat your guests! Drinks are always best served with appetizers and the earlier they are served the better, so have some drinks prepared for your guests.

Having guests over is always fun and fills the house with laughter. The most important thing as a hostess is to make sure your guests are feeling comfortable and pampered at all times. The thought and effort you’ve put in to their visit will leave them feeling loved and welcomed in your home. How do you prepare for house guests?

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