7 Simple Ways to Be the Best Roommate Ever ...


There are so many easy ways to be the best roommate ever, but sometimes we just need to be reminded of them. It’s also important to remember some ways to be the best roommate ever when you’re looking for a new roommate. We’ve all had bad roommate situations, some of which could possibly have been avoided with a few of my ways to be the best roommate ever!

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Pay Your Rent

Pay your half of everything, whether it’s rent, food, or something small and minuscule that you think isn’t a big deal. You never know, it might just be a big deal to your roommate. Besides making sure to pay for your half of everything, it’s also important to pay on time. There are few things more annoying than having to hound your roommate for rent, and I’m sure many people have been in this situation and agree. It's one of the easiest ways to be the best roommate ever, but important!


Be Friendly

It’s important not to be standoffish, especially when you first meet your roommate. Meeting a new roommate is always nerve-wracking, but the friendlier you are, the easier it will be to get along with your new roommate! While it’s always important to be friendly with your roommate, it’s especially important when you’re getting to know her!


Set Rules

While it’s important to be nice, it’s also important to set ground rules. Don’t be a pushover, but be sure to stick to the rules your roommate comes up with as well. I’m sure everyone has some type of rules they’d like their ideal roommate to follow, so don’t be afraid to have this conversation with your new or potential roommate! Things will work out better in the end!



Establish a certain degree of privacy that you’re both comfortable with. While you may be comfortable with your roommate eating your food, she may not be. She might be okay with you borrowing her clothes, but you might not be. Establish boundaries you want to set in terms of privacy for both your roommate’s and your sake.


Find Common Interests

It’s not necessary to have common interests, but isn’t it a bit more fun? When you’re looking for a new roommate, try to find something you both like. It’s much more fun to watch your favorite TV shows on a Friday night with your roommate rather than by yourself while your roommate glares on. Even if it’s only one common interest, your roommate experience could be infinitely better just from something so simple. Who knows? Maybe with a few common interests you’ll remain lifelong friends, even long after you’ve lived together!


Try to Be Easygoing

It can be difficult at times, but try to be easygoing and understand towards your roommate. Don’t blow up if she turns the TV on when you’re trying to study, just ask her nicely to turn it down. If you’re just easily annoyed, calm down. Take a few breaths and realize that it’s just a TV. Try to be easygoing. While this may seem like an exaggerated example, it’s not. I actually had this happen to me. Don’t be that roommate.


Make an Effort

Try to be her friend, not just her roommate. If you don’t want to try, don’t expect to have a perfect roommate experience. You can get along just fine, but if you don’t make an effort you won’t create a substantial relationship. Make an effort with your roommate and you’ll be on your way to being the best roommate ever!

Is your roommate the best roommate ever? Have you ever had a nightmare roommate? Share your horror stories in the comments!

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Another big one: boyfriends and girlfriends. In college we had the scarf on the door. In my case, we have dry erase boards to leave msgs. :)

Thanks for the tips! Pretty useful

another big one, keep your shared areas clean!

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