9 Ways to Find the Perfect City to Live in ...


9 Ways to Find the Perfect City to Live in ...
9 Ways to Find the Perfect City to Live in ...

With all the amazing places to live in the world, you might be considering making a move and trying to find the best ways to find the perfect city to live in for you. I know I’ve been down this road myself a couple of times, and I’ve got some great tips for you if you’re in the same boat. These simple 9 ways to find the perfect city to live in will help you home in on your personality traits, career needs, commuting needs and your personal interests. Be sure you consider each of these heavily before making a move, and if you still think you should do it, by all means go for it!

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Noise Factor

One of the first ways to find the perfect city to live in is to consider how much noise you can tolerate. Do you thrive off the sounds of the busy city each day and night, love the peaceful chirping of crickets at night, or savor the silence of nature during the day? Many people visit a place and think they might want to live there without giving this enough thought. When you’re lying in bed at night and can’t go to sleep because of the busy streets beneath you, you might be considering if you made the right choice. Also, living in apartments in bigger cities comes with more noise from adjoining neighbors, so be sure you give this some consideration.



Another huge factor when deciding the best city to live in, is how you’ll get around each day. Transportation issues are a large factor in every person’s life and if you’re completely against public transportation, you’ll need to be sure you choose a city where you can drive your own car or have safe sidewalks to walk or bike to get to everywhere you need.


Things to do

Another thing to consider when deciding on the best city for you to live in is what is there to do? Are you into cultural activities, exploring neighborhoods, seeing shows, walking trails, coffee shops or sporting events? Considering the nightlife is also a factor for many people when deciding where to move. Be sure you explore all these options when trying to choose a city to live in.



Obviously, one of the most important ways to decide where to move is the cost, and not just of your housing. Your housing options are most definitely a factor to consider when deciding when to move, but you should also consider the costs of taxes, commuting expenses and even how much things cost in retail places. Surprisingly, many places are higher in costs than others, even just on general goods. Make sure there are a few different places within walking distance. I’m a huge fan of cities for this reason, for all the multiple places and resources, all within a few blocks. If you’re concerned about this, a more low key city or countryside city might be a great option for you.



Sure, most of us can all get food from a grocery store or a McDonald’s no matter where we move to, but those aren't the only establishments I hope you’ll consider. Many cities also have their own specialty foods and regional offerings. For instance, in LA, you’d be able to get fresh raw produce just about anywhere you went, and on any corner, but if you’re moving to city in the south, more than likely you’ll be surrounded with more BBQ, fried chicken and such. Deciding what kinds of foods you want to have multiple ways to access is a big factor to consider because these will be the types of foods you’ll encounter more often, and at better prices due to higher availability.


Job Options

Another important and pretty obvious factor to consider is what job choices you have in the city or cities you're considering. If you get an automatic move somewhere with your company, this is still something you should consider for the future in case your current employer doesn't work out in the long run. If you're moving without a job, make sure you have plenty of options, and consider what options you have within walking distance or commuting distance to the area you're considering too.



If you’re a private person and can’t stand the thought of living close to someone, you might want to reconsider moving to a jam packed city. Though you can get plenty of your own privacy in a city, you won’t get the same amount as you would an urban area. Public transportation, apartments and close living arrangements to businesses are all things to consider if you’re moving to the city where privacy is less. Though it isn’t always a bad thing, it is something to consider.


Scout Your Options

Now that you’ve seen what issues to consider for your personality and needs, be sure to scout out all your options. Consider every major city in the U.S., and do some research. You’d be surprised how much helpful information you can find on Google about different cities, along with forums and chat groups in social media outlets for different cities. I suggest trying to find someone to connect with in a city before, if you can. They’ll be able to give you tons of insider tips you wouldn’t get elsewhere.


Make a Plan

The last way to decide which city is best for you is to make a plan as to how you would move to each one, or perhaps how much it would cost, and weigh the benefits of each. Sometimes making plans for different choices you’re considering will help you see the best option, better than just thinking everything out.

If you recently made a move to a city, I’d love to hear from you. What helped you decide which city was best for you to live in, and what did you look for?

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