10 Essential Tips for Your Moving to-do List ...


If you're moving soon, you need a very detailed moving to-do list. I've got to move in March, and I've already made my list, so I can start ticking off items one at a time. I've moved a lot in my life, and I know how difficult it can be – and how disorganized, if you aren't careful. I'm hoping to make this move go a lot easier, especially since the Better Half and I are staying in the same area, rather than moving from Michigan to Massachusetts on a huge time crunch, but I know this moving to-do list will make things go much more smoothly. I bet it'll work for you as well!

1. Steadily Sorting

Even if you're not moving for months, the first item on your moving to-do list should be sorting through your belongings. You can start doing it at any time, so begin now! I'm serious, you'll thank me for this. You want to start sorting now because you can also start getting rid of the things you really don't need to take with you. If you come across a dress you haven't worn since 2002 or a poster you haven't displayed since college, you can probably get rid of those things, right? Besides, there are two less things you have to pack.

Out with the Old
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