7 Things You Should Know about Moving ...


7 Things You Should Know about Moving ...
7 Things You Should Know about Moving ...

There are tons of things you should know about moving that you might not even think about! Lyndsie and I just moved into a brand new place this month and it was so tough! That's what inspired this post. I thought about all of the things you should know about moving and compiled them into one, easy to follow and easy to keep list! Take a look – so that when you do move, you know what to watch out for!

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Label Your Boxes Correctly

Okay, I am telling you, this is one of the top things you should know about moving right off the bat! Label your boxes correctly. Put not just what room the box should be placed in, but also what is in the box. So I stupidly put where I packed the box from in the old apartment – not what was in the box or what room it went in. I did this on about fifteen boxes before changing up my style.


Pack over a Large Span of Time

This is a huge, huge stress-reliever. If you start to pack your stuff over a span of time instead of trying to pack it all in one weekend, you'll not be nearly as stressed out and trust me, it'll save you a lot of fights. We gave ourselves an entire month to pack up!


Research Your Movers

Before you commit to just one mover, shop around a little bit! For me, I went on billy.com and got all kinds of moving companies to call me. Fair warning if you go that route, a LOT of movers will call you and blow up your phone/email, but it was so easy and worth it. Research your movers too before you commit. Go on Yelp, read the reviews and really know that you are getting someone worth it.


Know Your Old Lease

Oh yes, this has come in handy when it came to the security deposit and who has what responsibility. Know exactly what is in your old lease and what type of deposit you are due. While our security deposit got mostly taken, we did get a little back and the interest!


Take a Look at Your Security Deposit

See? Knowing exactly what deposits are yours and what you are owed before you move out is a great idea. You should also consult your old landlords and see how much your security deposit has grown because of interest. Oh yes, you get that!


Over-Estimate How Much It is Going to Cost

One thing that Lyndsie and I did when we were moving was over estimate exactly how much it was going to cost. Truthfully, we sat down together and added everything up, after getting the quotes from everywhere and then added on a couple thousand. This saved us so much!


Call around to Find out Cancellation of Services Policies

Finally, do you know if your cable company has a policy on cancellation? Do you know if they have your cell phone service where you're moving? Trust me, you want to find out this information before you move. I called around to a bunch of places to figure out what fees I would have to pay to cancel anything and I was so surprised!

So, now that you know all of my different tips for moving, what are a few of yours? Are you still unpacking or are you an unpacker in the first week? Truthfully, Lyndsie and I are still living out of boxes!

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Hey I just wanted to let you know that I love all your posts! They are helpful and useful but you also make them personal, which I find awesome!

Couple of thousand? Moving cost me about 2000 euros! Did everything myself, or with help from friends and I had double rent for 2 weeks only. It did take me over a month to get settled in though. If possible get the painting and cleaning done before moving. I just didn't have that option because I had to move so quickly and couldn't get time off.

Thank you for this post Heather! I'm going to be moving soon so this will come in handy. :)

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