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8 Annoying Habits Roommates Have ...

By Alison

Annoying roommate habits can really drive you crazy! We've all shared apartments with people who seem completely incapable of behaving in a civilised and thoughtful fashion. They are seemingly oblivious as to how irritating they are. Here are just some of the annoying roommate habits you will probably have encountered …

1 Evading Chores

One of the really annoying roommate habits is when they fail to do their share of the household chores. They conveniently forget that they are using the kitchen and bathroom, and walking on the floors. And as for those who leave dirty plates for days on end …

2 "Moving" Their Boyfriend in

We've almost certainly all experienced this one. The roommate starts bringing back their girl/boyfriend to stay one night a week … then two … then before you know it, they've practically moved in. Without consulting anyone. Plus the partner never pays towards the rent or cleans up after themselves. And they steal your food too.


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3 Stealing Food

Stealing food is, of course, Roommate Sin #3. Nobody minds if they take a bit of sugar or pasta, but it's so annoying to find that you have no milk, bread or cereal for breakfast. They never replace what they use, and who wants to be treated like a supermarket?

4 Late with Rent

The occasional delay in paying your share of the rent is understandable, and happens to everyone. What is not acceptable is a roommate who continually offers excuses as to why they can't pay at the usual time. Who wants to end up subsidising someone else's rent?

5 Noise

Noisy, inconsiderate roommates can make your life very difficult. Nobody expects total silence when you share an apartment. However, some roommates play loud music until late, or crash in at 5am when you have to get up early for work. And who wants to hear their roommates having sex …?

6 Hypocrisy

Have you ever had the type of roommate who complains about you and the other people in the house, conveniently forgetting that they do exactly what they're moaning about? For example, some people are noisy or leave their laundry in the machine, then complain that they were kept awake or that they can never use the machine.

7 Heating

If you live in a colder climate, heating can be a source of roommate annoyance. Either they insist on only switching the heating on when the temperature drops below freezing. Or they put it on at 30C and then open the windows because they're too hot. And you're expected to subsidise their wastefulness!

8 Borrowing Things

Ever found things missing from your room? Another irritating roommate habit is to borrow things without asking. Even if they do have the courtesy to ask first, some people then forget to return the item they've borrowed. Or it's not returned in the same condition.

If you're lucky, you have great roommates and get along with them really well. The majority of us, however, could write a book (or two) on the experiences we've had over the years of sharing. Everyone has a story to tell about the creepy roommate or what it was like to share with someone on drugs. Sometimes you look back and can't believe what you put up with! What's your most incredible roommate story - have you had an experience that put you off sharing for life?

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