7 Essential Questions to Ask Prospective Roommates ...


7 Essential Questions to Ask Prospective Roommates ...
7 Essential Questions to Ask Prospective Roommates ...

There are a number of questions to ask prospective roommates when you interview them. Sharing an apartment or house can be very stressful if you don't get along, but looking for someone who shares your outlook and lifestyle reduces the likelihood of problems developing. Here are some important questions to ask prospective roommates, which will also be useful if you're the one looking at rooms to rent …

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The most important questions to ask prospective roommates concern their lifestyle. You need to get an idea of how they like to live, and if that's compatible with you. Do they smoke? Like staying up all night? Partying? If your new roommate likes bringing home a large group of friends every evening and you just want to relax, it will soon cause irritation and have you thinking about moving out.



You may want to ask if they have references. If you do, be sure to check them out and ask questions. A reference is worthless if it's given by one of their friends. Or ask if they can put you in touch with their previous landlords or roommates. Check if the person paid the rent promptly and what they were like to live with.



Finding out something about your prospective roommate's interests will help you decide if you will be comfortable sharing a house with them. You do not want to share with a DJ, trust me on that! Even if you like their style of music, your interest will soon wear off after listening to them practising every night.



It's also wise to find out if they have a partner, and if so, if they want to have the partner stay over. Some people start by having a boyfriend stay one or two nights a week - then before long the boyfriend has virtually moved in. Or they live in a different city and will want to visit every weekend. This is deeply annoying if you can't get in the bathroom - and even more so if they disturb you with noisy sex.


Means of Support

Sound out how they can pay their share of the rent. Do they have a job, or a student loan? Will their parents be helping them out? You're not a charity, so you shouldn't have to carry someone who is constantly short of money. And if they are vague about where they get their income from, be wary - at best they may be repeatedly late with the rent, at worst involved in illegal activities.

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Check how compatible their schedule is with other members of the household. It could be difficult if they work nights and expect total quiet during the day. You don't want to be told off every time you open a door or receive a call. Conversely, if you're students and tend to be up late, a working person who has early starts may not fit in well.


Chores and Bills

Finally, get a feel for their attitude towards sharing the chores. A lazy roommate who never does their share will soon get on your nerves. Or if the rest of you are fairly relaxed regarding housework, a person who constantly nags you all to clean may be irritating.

Asking so many questions may seem nosy, but it's important to try to get a good roommate. Home life can be pretty miserable and stressful if you are sharing with people you don't get on with, so do your best to pick a suitable match. Try getting a feel for how respectful the person is of others in the apartment.

What nightmare roommate experiences have you had?

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Can't say that I've ever had any "nightmare roommates" before. All mine have kept their word. And did all that they were suppose to. Same with the ones I live with now. We are all happy.

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