7 Ways to Resolve an Argument with Your Roommate ...


7 Ways to Resolve an Argument with Your Roommate ...
7 Ways to Resolve an Argument with Your Roommate ...

If you and your new roomie have just put down the deposit for your new place, you’ll want to come equipped with ways to resolve arguments. Just because you’re both crushing on Edward Cullen and have a penchant for all things pink doesn’t mean you’ll never have a spat. But with these 7 tips, you can resolve almost any minor fight and keep your sanity intact.

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Don’t Raise Your Voice

The easiest way to go from resolvable argument to full blown catfight is to raise your voice. By yelling, you’re immediately putting her on the defensive –and chances are, the end result won’t benefit either of you. So, keep your voice down as you speak to her about the piles of dirty dishes in the sink and she’ll likely respond in tune.


Offer Suggestions

Another way to resolve an argument is to not play the blame game. If your new place is always a mess, for example, think of constructive ways to fix the issue. Offer to create a cleaning schedule or throw a clean-up “party” complete with coffee, baked treats, and iTunes. Who could say no to that?


Be Understanding

One effective way to resolve an argument with your roomie is to put yourself in her shoes. If she works two jobs and late hours just to pay the bills, freaking out over one loud late-night call isn’t exactly fair. But if she’s consistently inconsiderate, sit down with her and talk it out. Explain your side, but also tell her that if she’s feeling super stressed out lately, you’re available to chat. If she has a conscience, that’ll be the end of those phone calls.



Admit it: It takes two to argue, so you’re not blameless in this situation. And though you’ll want to chastise her for constantly bringing her boyfriend over, zip your lip until she’s had the chance to share her side of the story. When both of you have the chance to share, it becomes a whole lot less likely that the issue will stay unresolved.



A vital way to resolve any argument with your roommate is to compromise. Start by apologizing for your part in the argument and then create a list of rules you’re both comfortable with together. If the level of communication between you and your roommate is low, make copies of the list and have her sign one of them. This way, you’ll have a set agreement in place if things take a bad turn.


Cut the Gossip

I’ve been through my fair share of arguments, and one thing I’ve learned never to do while in one is to talk about it with those who aren’t involved. It can be majorly tempting to tell your friends all about the spat with your roommate, but it’ll only cause even more drama for you. The sooner you place your energy in coming up with a resolution, the sooner you’ll sleep with a clear conscience.


Gossiping inevitably distorts the truth, like a game of telephone where the original message gets twisted. By involving others, you risk their biases and interpretations adding fuel to the fire. Moreover, if word gets back to your roommate that you've been talking behind their back, trust corrodes and the rift between you can deepen. So, keep the details between those directly involved. Aim to address the issue privately and constructively. That way, reconciliation is more about understanding and less about winning or pride.


Regular Discussions

One last way to resolve an argument with your roommate is to schedule regular discussions with her. This way, she’ll know how committed you are about making your time together as good as possible. Who knows? You two may soon become BFFs!

With these 7 tips, you and your roomie will resolve those pesky arguments with ease. Which ones will you follow? Do you have any of your own to add?

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