7 Tips on How to Manage the Stress of Moving ...


7 Tips on How to Manage the Stress of Moving ...
7 Tips on How to Manage the Stress of Moving ...

I'm so grateful that I was blessed to have help when I had to manage the stress of moving. It's not just the physical labor involved with packing boxes that can be daunting. There are so many emotional aspects involved with moving to a new city, even to just a new home. Have you ever had to manage the stress of moving? The following tips helped me and I hope that they will help you.

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Get Help

Get Help In order to help manage the stress of moving you are going to need help from others. If you like to take care of things yourself, do what you can but realize that you can't do everything on your own. Take some time to let your family and friends know what you need help with and how they can assist you in the process. You probably won't need everyone to help at once, so consider who is best at what before asking. It's also good to give your friends and family as much notice as possible so they can plan.



Prioritize The moment you know you have to move is when you need to begin prioritizing. Decide what needs to be done first and make a list so you can stay on track with your goals. This will also help you decide the most effective ways to get things done. If you aren't great at prioritizing this is something that a friend or family member may be able to help you with, especially if they have moved recently.


Let Go

Let Go One great thing about moving is that it will get you to clean out some of the clutter you have been meaning to let go of. As you begin to pack you're bound to find old clothes and material things that you no longer need or want. Only take what matters the most with you to your new home. It's a great way to have a fresh start to your new chapter in life. Leave the old stuff behind you and don't look back, ladies!


Research Your New Destination

Research Your New Destination One thing I love to do when it's time to move is to spend a few days researching my new area. What are some of the shops in the area? Where can I go to write and grab a cup of tea? If your new area isn't too far from you, spend a day in town and get to know the vibe. This will help you with the process of moving, especially when things get emotional.


Keep Your Routine

Keep Your Routine In the past when I got stressed, I would shut down and fail to take care of myself. I don't suggest this! Be sure to take care of yourself during this stressful time. One way to do this is to keep up with your daily routine as much as possible. Don't skip meals and definitely don't skip a good night's sleep. You will need as much energy as possible during the moving process.


Be Open to Change

Be Open to Change You may find that some of your plans will change during the process of moving and that's okay! The more that you can go with the flow of things, the less stressful moving will be. It's okay if a different friend helps you than originally planned. I honestly didn't know who would help me until the week I had to move, but it all worked out in the end. Everything will work out, so try not to stress.


Say Your Goodbyes

Say Your Goodbyes I know, it's sad just thinking about having to say goodbye, isn't it? But it's an important part of the process of moving and helps with closure. Be sure to say your goodbyes to friends but also to your favorite places. Have a last meal at your favorite local restaurant or see a last movie at your favorite theater.

The last time I had to move was two years ago and I'm definitely settled in my new place. But I see another move on the horizon since I just got married; we'll need more space. What are some tips that helped you deal with stress while moving? I'd love to know!

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Don't forget to take breaks and stay hydrated. Whether it means making your own lemonade or iced tea. Even though it is labor work it will be rewarding. And make sure not to drink as you go. Sit down and enjoy.

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