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There are so many ways to get your house ready for a dog, so it’s important to take the time to do them before you bring home a furry friend. Animals aren’t always that smart and they don’t have good judgment either. They’re kind of like kids! It pays to prepare your house before you get a pet because then you can be sure your new friend is safe and healthy in your home. Check out these easy ways to get your house ready for a dog and you’ll be all set to hit the pet store.

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Fence Your Yard

Fence Your Yard Dogs aren’t known for staying put unless they’re contained. If you don’t have a fence, once of the first ways to get your house ready for a dog is to install one, otherwise, you’ll be spending your days chasing your dog down the street. Dogs who roam the neighborhood are at a higher risk of being hit by a car, stolen or contracting a dangerous health condition. Put a high fence around your backyard to keep your dog from jumping over it. Make sure the gate is always closed and latched and keep your eye on your pet to be sure he isn’t trying to dig under the fence.


Protect the Furniture

Protect the Furniture Not only are dogs hairy and dirty, but they also like to chew, especially puppies. Make sure you protect your furniture by putting pet covers on upholstery and keeping valuable pieces in rooms with gates so your dog can’t get at them. Consider deterrent sprays on wood furniture to make them taste yucky to your dog. Be sure the one you choose is safe for the type of wood your furniture is made with. Supervise your pet closely so you can put a stop to furniture damage right away.


Put Plants out of Reach

Put Plants out of Reach Some plants are dangerous to dogs, so be sure your houseplants are up high enough that your new furry friend can’t nibble on them. Large plants can often be safely sprayed with a deterrent spray so they aren’t appealing to your pet. Check your yard for potentially dangerous plants, shrubs and flowers too. Fence in hazardous ones or remove and replace them with alternatives.


Create a Potty Place

Create a Potty Place You don’t want your dog using the house as a bathroom, so be sure you have a clearly defined place for him to do his business. Perhaps you block off a small portion of the backyard or take him to the same spot in your front yard. With time, your dog will learn where to go, but make sure you know where that place is before you bring him home.


Find a Veterinarian

Find a Veterinarian Just like you’d never have a baby without finding her a doctor, you shouldn’t buy a dog without having a veterinarian to take him to. Contact several in your area and find one that you like and that is accepting new patients. You’ll likely need to bring your dog in for shots or to be spayed or neutered soon after bringing him home, so it pays to know where he’ll go so you can be prepared.


Gather Supplies

Gather Supplies Your new dog is going to need a bed, food dishes, food, a collar and tag, toys and chewing objects. Gather those things before he comes home so you’re ready with anything he needs right away. Set up a place for your furry friend to sleep and provide him with toys in various places throughout the house so he is deterred from eating your prized possessions. Define an eating location as well.


Consider Everyone in the House

Consider Everyone in the House Is someone allergic to pet dander? Do you have small kids? Does anyone have a health condition? Will someone be home with the dog most of the time? Getting your house ready for a pet involves considering everyone who lives there. Decide whose room the dog will sleep in, and who will take responsibility for teaching kids to play nicely with the dog. That way, your pet is safe, and so are the people who live in your home.

Are you ready for a dog? What pets do you already have at home?

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I have a 3yr old Japanese chin. She's my baby

Best not to have a pet. They always mess up the carpet. The easy fix for that is professional carpet cleaning.

The best thing is to adopt a cat and dog together at the same it's so adorable how they grow up together and end up being close like my two cats and labrador

I want a baby but mister has allergies

No doggies in my house

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