9 Ways to Make Moving Easier ...


9 Ways to Make Moving Easier ...
9 Ways to Make Moving Easier ...

Are you moving out and looking for ways to make moving easier? I can tell you from personal experience that moving out without planning can be a nightmare! You however, are in luck because I’ve gathered some useful tips on making your move out as painless as possible so the big day will be much less intimidating and stressful! Here are 9 ways to make moving easier.

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Make a List

Making a list might seem like a silly and tedious task, but believe me, you will thank me later! Get a notebook and write down everything concerned with the move like lists of things you need (boxes, cleaning supplies) and tasks like turning off the electricity. Once you start packing boxes, number each box and then write down on all the contents of each box so you know where everything is - this’ll make unpacking a breeze! This is one of the best ways to make moving easier... and more organized!


Boxing Day

Plan your move as early as possible, start getting boxes, tape and bubble wrap (for breakables) and research rental truck company rates (if you require one). As soon as you know you’re moving, start thinking about packing things you don’t need in boxes such as seasonal clothes, items you don’t use very often, etc. Packing these items early on can help you determine what items you want to take and what to donate or throw out.


Clear Things up

The next step in making moving easier is to clean out rooms that you don’t use very often like a guest bedroom or any spare room. Most likely you won’t use the items in the room anyway so make things easy on yourself and pack it up and clean it out early. You’ll have one less room to worry about as your moving day nears and seeing the room cleared out will you feel less anxious about making progress on the move.


Make a Transfer

This is something I always did after-the-fact which I hated myself for, so don’t be like me and transfer your information before you move. Determine what bills will be in your name and transfer your info. Also, make sure submit address changes with your bank, credit card companies, cable company, your state’s department of motor vehicles, etc. and don’t forget to let your friends and family know! Getting this done ASAP is one of the best ways to make moving easier.


Measure Things up

Most folks have some things that will need to be measured prior to moving like making sure your long couch will fit through your new front door. Case your new place and see where you want what, measure the dimensions of the rooms and jot these things down in your moving notebook and make sure your items fit. You’ll also need this info if you’re buying new furniture also.


Make Use of Everything

Use luggage, hampers and duffel bags as a means of transporting your items. Stow clothes, vast collection of nail polish and whatever else to in these non-traditional moving boxes, just make sure that you’re keeping track all the contents by tracking it in your moving notebook. Make things easy by only packing items from one room into these bags so you don’t have to figure out what goes where.


Keep It Clean

Try to keep your place clean before the move and set aside time each day to clean something. If you’re super busy and you’d rather sleep than get your deposit back, keep in mind that if your place got really dirty, the landlord might charge you to clean the place out after you leave or charge you to replace things so it’s better to do some of these things before you go and avoid getting a bill.


Color by Number

If you’re moving with others, once you’re closer to the day of the move and most things are packed up, code each box or bag by number and color so all of your things are red and your roomie’s things are purple. This way, there will be no unpacking mishaps or misplacing things. I know this might sound a bit OCD, but it definitely makes moving easier. Coloring is one of my favorite ways to make moving easier... OCD, that's me!


Enlist Help

You’ll need some man and womanpower to make the move! Have a moving party and treat your friends and family to a meal and treats afterward or look up movers online and hire reputable movers to help out. If you require a moving truck and movers, start searching for these services early on so you don’t get stuck overpaying.

This list just covered some basics of ways to make moving easier. I know it can be a real pain to move, but planning ahead definitely makes things easier and you’ll have enough time to change things around if they don’t work out. Enjoy your new place!

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