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7 Ways on How to Deal with an Annoying Landlord ...

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Readers ask all the time how to deal with an annoying landlord! It’s a difficult situation to be in because it’s your home, but your landlord makes the ultimate decisions about your living space. Sometimes landlords can be cheap, stubborn or just don’t know how to be a good landlord thus making your living situation more difficult. Here are a few recommendations on how to deal with an annoying landlord.

1 Be Thorough

One way on how to deal with an annoying landlord is to be thorough. The biggest problem in any type of relationship is miscommunication, so make sure you’re specifically telling your landlord what the problem is and what kind of results you would like. Your landlord might not be trying to make your life hard but just doesn’t know how to make your life easier.

2 Pick Your Battles

If you do have a landlord who is stubborn, cheap or just doesn’t care, then unfortunately you’ll have to pick your battles. Meaning, problems that you normally would go to the landlord with might be better if you try to deal with them yourself, to best of your ability. However, if you’ve exhausted all your options then don’t be scared to approach your landlord. After all, you are a paying tenant.

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3 Be a Good Tenant

Sometimes we don’t realize it but it might not be the landlord... it might be us! If you find that your landlord has a sudden change in attitude with you or is reluctant to help you, then try to evaluate the situation. Was it something you did? Do you keep the apartment clean? Do you respect your neighbours and the rules of the building? Are you always causing the landlord grief? Do you pay your rent on time?

4 Write a Letter

If your landlord is giving you more trouble than it’s worth, try writing a letter to them. Explain how you feel, why you feel that way, what results you would like to see and what your landlord can do to be a better landlord. It’s not fair to your landlord if you expect him/her to change without ever approaching them and explaining that you would like to see a change. Give your landlord the benefit of the doubt that they are open to constructive criticism.

5 Know Your Rights

Both the landlord and the tenant have their own set of rights. Before doing anything too hasty, like holding out on next month’s rent in exchange of getting your refrigerator fixed, make sure you know what your rights are as a tenant. In addition, make sure you know what your landlord’s rights are. You may feel they are being annoying but in reality they might just be following all the rules and regulations as a landlord.

6 Call the City

If you have enough evidence that your landlord is being unfair or unjust then you have the right to call the city. They will investigate your case and if you are right, the landlord may be removed from his/her position. However, be prepared to answer a lot of questions and provide some type of proof.

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7 Keep Your Options Open

If you’ve tried becoming a better tenant, spoken to your landlord about how you feel, and avoid causing any problems for your landlord but they still seem to be annoying then maybe it’s time to find a new place. Although it is inconvenient, expensive and time-consuming to move, you should be happy in your home. If your landlord is making you feel uncomfortable, then you should move to a place where your money will be better spent!

You should always feel comfortable in your home but your landlord also has the right to feel comfortable with who he/she rents his/her apartment(s) to. Therefore, make sure it’s a give and take relationship. What are other ways to deal with an annoying landlord?

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