7 Reasons Why Condo Living Beats Owning a House ...

By Renee

7 Reasons Why Condo Living Beats Owning a House ...

While for many people owning a house is the goal of life, there are many positive things about condo living. There are many advantages to condo living which for some can outweigh owning a single-family home. The most important thing is to choose a living situation that works best for you!

1 Home is Where the Heart is

One of the most important decisions about condo living is your household dynamic. Do you live alone, with roommates, or with a brood all your own? Whatever the situation is, the condo needs to fit the people in it. These days, condos can be as big as many one-family homes, but with more amenities. Yes, there are HOA fees to consider, and you need to decide if you are getting what you are paying for with these. But in the end, choose a place that fits those who will be in it!

2 Won't You Be My Neighbor?

One of the main concerns when you are thinking about a condo is the closeness of your neighbors. You will want to ask about how well insulated shared walls are, and find out about the neighborhood in general. Are the majority of tenants students? Seniors? Whatever fits your goals is the direction you should go.

3 Utilities

While many condos can be larger, some can also give you the advantage of good living space with smaller utility bills. Ask the realtor to find out what the average monthly utility bills are in the summer and winter. Make sure you know which appliances run on electric, and which run on gas. You may be surprised at the savings you can see! Not to mention, with your neighbors heating their space, that can act as insulation for yours too.

4 What Lawn Care?!?

One of the major perks for those who prefer not to take care of a yard is that lawn care is often included in the condo fees. This is a wonderful perk for busy professionals and seniors alike. However, if you would like to have a patio garden with plant containers, condo associations usually allow these.

5 Events

Even if your condo complex does not have a pool, chances are there are many events in which you can partake. Think block party, holiday get-togethers, even Association meetings! All provide you with chances to meet new people. We all need a little more relaxation in our non-work life!

6 Cleaning!

One of the best benefits of moving into a condo is to have a more manageable space. This is the reason why many people do move into condos. Think of all you can do with a few extra hours a week. Take a class, go on a mini daytrip, even sleep a few extra hours! All of this, and you can still have your house clean every week.

7 The Price

These days, you can find bargain-basement priced condos all the way up to ultra luxury condos. Whatever your budget is, there are condos in your price range. The nice thing is, you truly can get a beautiful condo and more house than you even imagined. Keep your eyes open and your mind too.

Condo living has its compromises and its bonuses. Make your great list of pros and cons before you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. With some footwork and fore-thought, you can be in condo-sweet-condo before you know it. What’s the best thing about condo living in your opinion?

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