7 Marvelous Meticulous Ways in Which We Can Benefit from Social Networking ...


7 Marvelous Meticulous Ways in Which We Can Benefit from Social Networking ...
7 Marvelous Meticulous Ways in Which We Can Benefit from Social Networking ...

There are a million and one ways in which we can benefit from social networking. Social networking can provide opportunities for connecting with friends, better your technological skills, and encourage positive relationships among coworkers, classmates, and family members. Social networking is becoming increasingly important in universities and the work force. Social networking sites are used by employers and professors to communicate with employees and students out of the office or university classrooms for continuing discussions. Other ways in which we can benefit from social networking sites include using the sites to get the latest news, advertise, or get new refreshing ideas.

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Connecting with Old Friends and Family

Many individuals use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to communicate and connect. This helps old relatives and friends to keep in touch, especially for members who live in foreign countries. I’ve heard and read so many stories of Facebook and other social networks having rekindled relationships resulting in old classmates getting married or families reconnecting after years and years of not knowing where each member was located. Social networks allow us to increase our communication with friends and family as well as establish new relationships. This is one of the ways in which we can benefit from social networking.



No one likes to be all alone. Clearly it is nice to have some “me” time every now and then, but even when we are alone, we like to know that we have a place where we belong. Some join school clubs or participate in adult sporting teams. Social media allows us to be a part of a community. In general, social networking communities tend not to be exclusive. Any individual can create a profile since there are essentially no boundaries to entering these social networking sites. This allows us to be a member of multiple social networking communities. Becoming a part of one of these communities makes us feel that we are part of something; there’s a sense of unity.



Social networking sites, just like Google and news sites, are used and viewed by tons and tons of people each and every day. Nonprofit organizations, university students, and members of a nation may rise up or make an issue known through multiple social media networks. Campaigns can easily go viral via social networking sites, as can breaking news and headlines. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are commonly used to organize hundreds of people to rally, create and initiate change, or make people aware of what is happening in the world around them.


Sparking Ideas

With everyone sharing their own opinions you are bound to get new ideas, whether it be for a school project or a business plan. By looking through all of what each social network site has to offer, a picture, a status, or a link may spark an idea. You can start sharing your passion and that can bring upon other ideas for other people too. It may spark an idea as large as starting a new business or as small as what snack you’re going to make and bring to a friend's birthday bash.



Social media networks and tools are just another platform we use to learn. If you need help with a situation at school or work, social media networks will connect you to someone or some website that can assist you. You are able to learn new tips for the workforce, new tips to use in the kitchen, new tips to use in bed with your significant other… The learning that is fostered by social networking sites is unbelievable. Social networks have a natural influence on us and can assist us in gaining knowledge.

Famous Quotes

One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity.

Albert Schweitzer

Advertising and Marketing

Begin by attracting leads with Facebook and Twitter, engage with your E-mail subscribers, and secure your brand and product names. With constant updates on social networking sites, you are able to lure new customers. Social networks are now being used to build lasting and profitable relationships with current subscribers as well as getting new leads. When changing your company’s name completely or even just tweaking the name to fit an available domain on the website, remember to make that name known to your audience. Many do not realize that when changing the name it may trick your audience so add the logo or bio information to avoid any confusion.


Attract Employers

Employers now do social media background checks. Employers also use LinkedIn for recruiting and to check out prospective candidates. Your online presence and image can dramatically affect who you attract as a future boss, which you can greatly benefit from if used properly. Since it is so competitive, you are able to present yourself and express why you are the perfect candidate, what makes you unique, and what you can exactly bring to the table. Make sure you let future employers know that you are prepared and ready for whatever opportunities may come your way!

The benefits of social networking really depend on the site itself, the features it has to offer, and the businesses and people that use the sites and applications. Social networking sites allow people and businesses to improve communication and possibly the productivity by spreading new knowledge among different groups of people and employees in a more efficient manner. A person may get an idea that sparks a new business or may get a job by advertising him or herself through his or her profile. Social networking sites provide endless opportunities. What are some of your favorite social networking sites and the benefits that come along with them?

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