7 Important Lessons Schools Should Teach but Don't ...

Holly Riordan

7 Important Lessons Schools Should Teach but Don't ...

While basic math and history are important, there are some equally important lessons schools should teach, but don’t. Transitioning from school to the ‘real world’ can be difficult, because we were never taught certain things. There are tons of skills that come in handy once you’re working and living on your own. In order to be prepared before being thrown into this new world, there are lessons schools should teach in addition to English and science.

1 Mental Health Education

We’re all forced to take gym in order to keep us physically healthy, but what about our mental health? There are never classes about being positive and having a good self-image. Instead, we’re told to get the highest grades possible and peer pressured into being as pretty and sociable as we can. School is a major cause of stress for many students. One of the lessons schools should teach is how to mange stress and cope with the hardships in life. Adding a self-help book to the reading list couldn’t hurt.

2 Dating Seminar

There should be some form of manners class that everyone is required to take. It shouldn’t force traditional gender roles, because they no longer define us. However, they should teach students how much they’re worth. Teach students to leave any form of abusive relationship and not let themselves be taken advantage of. Throwing a few lessons about rape culture couldn’t hurt either.

3 Packing 101

Whether you’re packing up your room to move into a dorm or going on a week-long vacation, it’s important to have good packing skills. First you need to decide what is and isn’t important enough to take along with you. Then you need to find a way to pack everything into the bags you have, and into the trunk. Packing entails planning and sacrifice. It’s not a skill that an entire course should be dedicated to, but it deserves at least a day of discussion.

4 Intro to Internet

Some schools teach their students how to be tech savvy, but not all do. Learning basic HTML can help you create websites and looks good on a resume. Even teaching students how to correctly use social media networks would be helpful. They could teach you how to successfully network with people that could help further your career. With something as diverse as the internet, the possibilities are endless.

5 Fundamentals of Fixing

Have you ever had car problems that you couldn’t figure out how to solve? Even if your driver’s education class tells you how to fix a problem, you probably don’t have hands on experience. There should be required classes that allow students to change a tire and the oil. Everyone should know where the engine and spark plugs are located. It’s not safe to drive around in something when you have no clue how it works.

6 Advanced Direction Memorization

With the help of Mapquest and GPS, no one really needs to know how to get from place to place off the top of their head. No one needs to worry about having to stop to ask for directions, because the answer will always be found in the palm of their hands. If your cell phone dies, it’s important to be able to follow an old fashioned map. Don’t rely on technology to do everything for you.

7 General Self-Defense

Once again, this depends on the school. Some might have had days of gym class dedicated to this subject, but not everyone has. Whether you’re male or female, it’s important to learn how to defend yourself. If an emergency ever arises, you want to be able to protect yourself. Schools should teach the best ways to use your particular body mass and stature to fend off attackers.

No matter how much school teaches us, there will always be more to learn. Do you think any of the classes listed above are a good idea? Can you think of any additional lessons that need to be learned?