7 Important Qualities in People We Should Be Searching for ...


7 Important Qualities in People We Should Be Searching for ...
7 Important Qualities in People We Should Be Searching for ...

We all have certain standards for people that we let in, but oftentimes our judgement leads us in the wrong direction, which is why it's crucial to know the important qualities in people that you should be searching for. We know everyone has flaws and you probably will never find the perfect person, but you have to be able to surround yourself with good people in order to be happy. Here are 7 important qualities in people I believe we should be searching for.

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We form relationships with people, so we can rely on them in bad and good times. However if you never know where you stand with that person, you'll always hesitate to go to him or her. In order to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion, you have to look for people who will be a constant in your life. Stability is once of the most important qualities in people because it makes us feel safe.



Every good relationship with your friends, family or lover is based on honesty. If you are not able to be honest with a person, you slowly build up a barrier between the two of you, which will only have a negative impact on that relationship. If two people are honest with each other, the connection or the bond grows deeper and stronger, which results in happiness of both people.



Another reason why relationships are so central to our lives is that they provide the much needed support. In order for us to remain calm in certain situations we need to have a good support base made up of family and friends. If a person is not able to receive support from close people, this can lead to depression and overall unhappiness.


Sense of Humor

Humor is one thing we look for in all types of relationships. If people are able to have fun together and exchange jokes, they are able to break the ice and feel more comfortable with each other. On the other hand if relationships lack a sense of humor, they can become dull and boring!



Anybody who wants to become a good person has to value integrity and morals. These things keep us sane and grounded, and they help shape our characters. If a person is able to distinguish right from wrong and make rational decisions, he or she is automatically a good person to have around. You want to surround yourself with people who have morals and integrity because lack of can never mean anything good.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee


By making contact with people, we tend to share ideas and learn new things. If a person is intelligent and can carry on a good conversation, it means that there is more depth to that person. Intelligence is refreshing and attractive, so it should be one of the top things we look for in people that we are interested on keeping close to us.



It doesn't really matter if a person is rough and cold because it automatically undermines any other good qualities they might have. However if a person is purely kind and generous, you are able to trust that person and care for him or her a lot more. It makes communication a lot easier and it attracts you to that person. Kindness is one thing we need to look out for!

It is very hard to find a good person and keep them in your life, but once you do, you should prioritize that relationship. Good people are hard to find! What are some top things you look for in a person? Share in the comments!

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To me, trust is huge. My boyfriend and I just broke up. The little white lies add up and makes you wonder what else am I being lied to about? Honesty truly is the best policy and a strong base for a relationship.

I look in the eyes and the body language .. When they speak ..& I listen to what there saying , if it makes sense then it\'s a good conversation , if it don\'t make sense I try to get out of it .. And move on .. Politely ..

Is very difficult to find all of that in one human bean but I personally if I have to choose between intelligence and humbleness I will go for the second one is a matter fact that quality is basic when your searching for good ppl that one will help you straightening up issue the may come across in the relationship

I look for passion, honesty, humor, patience, and loving!

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