7 Things That Lead to Procrastination ...


7 Things That Lead to Procrastination ...
7 Things That Lead to Procrastination ...

During the week it can be very hard to avoid things that lead to procrastination. Getting everything done that you need to get done can be a difficult task to conquer daily, but there are ways to push through. There are some things that push you to wait until the last minute for that project, or paper you have due the next day. You want to avoid these things that lead to procrastination so that you won’t feel pressured to get your work done in such a short time.
Here are a few things that drive me to procrastination.

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Short naps have been proven to boost your energy and memory, but they are one of the things that lead to procrastination. When I nap it is because I did not get enough sleep the night before and I want to give myself a boost to finish the day. Most of the time though, my nap turns into a deep sleep lasting more than an hour, which actually causes me to lose time I could have been using to get things accomplished. Napping daily starts a trend that keeps you up during the night resulting in the same pattern the next day and then the day after that. If you can avoid naps do so, so that you can finish your task for the day, and get your full 8 hours of sleep.


Going out

Going out with friends or just to get away from the house for a few hours is a great way to relieve stress that has been placed on you for that day. But it is also a way to avoid doing whatever tasks you need to finish that day. Instead of going out for hours at a time try starting an assignment or task and if you get tired or frustrated go outside for 10 or 15 minutes to get some fresh air. Set times for yourself; I have found this to help me out a lot when I have a lot to do. I will give myself an hour to work on something then a 15 minute break to grab food or just get out of my room, and then I get right back to my work so that I won’t be up all night, rushing to finish it.


Not Starting Right Away

Even though it may be hard to get yourself in the mood to start a project or paper, try to do it anyway. As soon as you get the assignment start brainstorming ideas so that when you get home you can immediately start conquering it. I have a habit of tucking assignments away especially if I know they are due a week or so from the day I receive it. This only leads me to forget about the assignment because I know I don’t have to get it done that day. Try to start things immediately; you’ll be surprised at how much you actually get done.


Not Recording Your Assignments

Staying organized is essential if your days are busy. Investing in a planner so that you can write down all that you need to do, would be a great idea. If you are writing down your tasks daily you will also be reviewing everything daily. Writing everything in a planner helps me stay on top my work, so I won’t forget things. Your planner will constantly remind you of what you need to get done.


Just Plain Laziness

This is similar to not starting right away. Since I know that an assignment is not due right away, I always say, "I don’t have to do this right now." But why wait? It is always a plus to get things done early. Allow yourself time to really relax without task hanging over your head because you haven’t finished them yet. Go to the gym or for a walk to get yourself energized and ready to overcome laziness.


Lack of Motivation

Procrastination is sometimes caused by a lack of motivation. Since I am in my senior year of college I am usually tired from all the classes and meetings I have had to sit through throughout the day, and when I get home I just want to sleep. All of the motivation I began the day with gradually decreases as I go from class to class. What I have started to do is motivate myself with incentives. If there is something I really want I will pep talk myself saying, "If you get this done you deserve to buy yourself that new phone case you really want," or "If you finish this assignment early you can relax the whole weekend." Give yourself something to look forward to.


Lack of Focus

This could possibly be the biggest reason for procrastination! There are so many things that distract us from sitting down and focusing on tasks. You can do anything on your phone nowadays and you don’t have to move out of your spot to do it. Turn off your television and silence your phone so those things won’t distract you. If you can eliminate distractions, do it so that you can give the task you’re working on your full attention.

Avoiding things that cause procrastination can be hard to do, but if we develop a routine that helps us conqueror our task we will feel much better. The important thing is finding a routine that fits in with the type of lifestyle you lead. It is important to get rest if you have to be up early every day, but it is more important to be organized if you have a lot to tackle daily. What are some things you would like to avoid that lead to procrastination?

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