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7 Things We Should Take Time out for as We Did before ...

By Vladlena

In today's society people have a certain routine which they follow daily and there is rarely any change in plans, but there are certain things we should take time out for as we did before. Before there was an immense amount of technological advancements, we had a different lifestyle. There was more time to spend on communicating with others and experiencing the real world in person instead through a TV or computer screen. Here are 7 things we should take time out for as we did decades ago.

1 Writing by Hand

One of the things we should take time out for is writing by hand. Unless you are a student or a teacher, it has probably been a long time since you have written by hand. We spend so much time on our computers and cell phones typing away, that we forget that we can form the exact same words manually. Instead of writing notes, reminders or letters we type them. We are slowly losing our skill of calligraphy which is why it is time we bring writing back. Let’s stop our dependency on technology and instead grab a pen and paper!

2 Cooking at Home

No matter how fast and convenient packaged or pre-made food can be, nothing ever beats a homemade meal! However homemade meals have recently become a rarity. For most of us, our lifestyle is fast paced and we have no time to expand our skills in cooking, therefore we rely on restaurants and fast food places for a quick food fix. It is time we change this and make time for experimentation in the kitchen.


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3 Disconnecting from Technology

To be honest I am not really sure when was the last time I didn’t spend a whole day without using any technology. Over time I have become so dependent on my phone and computer that they are the last things I see before I go to sleep and the first thing I check when I wake up. It is ridiculous and I am sure I am not the only one! It is best that we choose a day to get away from technology and focus on other aspects of our day.

4 Getting the Family Together

With work, school and other responsibilities, it is becoming harder and harder to get your whole family together. It is impossible to find a day that is convenient for everyone to meet up and catch up. Therefore it is important to somehow compromise your time before an extended period of time away from each other damages your relationship with relatives and causes estrangement.

5 Taking Strolls

I remember when I was young, my grandparents would always take me out on a stroll before going to sleep. They would teach me to appreciate the quiet nightlife and look at the stars. Although it might have been boring at times, it is one of the things that I look back to and appreciate its simplicity. So if you can’t remember the last time you took a stroll in a park without purpose, do it now!

6 Going to Museums

If you are local to your area and have visited all of the museums in your vicinity, you probably gave up on exploring any others. After a while they do become repetitive, but it appears to me that some of us never give them a chance. Museums can be very educational and inspirational. They can open up your eyes to new things and expand your knowledge. Moreover, they are ideal places for bonding between friends and family, especially if it is a museum that you all enjoy.

7 Reading Current Events

There is a very small percentage of people that still reads newspapers and it makes sense because we do have more convenient ways of getting the same information. However even though we all have easy access to news articles, most of us never bother to read them. It is important to dedicate some time to politics and world news. It might not be as entertaining as magazines but you will be able to better understand the world affairs.

With so many things going on in our lives, we forget to do simple things in life. We move away from old school activities and gravitate toward improved versions of them, but new doesn’t always mean better. Which activity from this list do you look forward to taking up the most?

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