17 Quotes to Help Pessimistic Women Become More Optimistic in Life ...


17 Quotes to Help Pessimistic Women Become More Optimistic in Life ...
17 Quotes to Help Pessimistic Women Become More Optimistic in Life ...

You shouldn't view the world as a cruel, brutal place. You need to see the beauty in the world and in yourself. Here are a few quotes to help pessimistic women become more optimistic:

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Happiness Starts with You

It doesn't matter how much money you make or what you see when you look in the mirror. Money and looks won't make you happy. You'll only be happy if you make the decision to be happy.


Think Positive

You won't understand the power of positivity until you try it on for size. If you think good things will happen, then more good things will happen!


Be Thankful

You can appreciate what you have today while trying to create a better tomorrow for yourself. In fact, that's exactly the way you should live life.


You're Doing the Best You Can

You shouldn't feel unsuccessful if you're doing the best that you can. It's impossible for you to try harder than your hardest.


New Week

Don't let last week tear you down. It's a new week, so leave the past behind.


You're a Survivor

You've made it this far in life. You can make it even further. Trust me.


Happiness Can Always Be Found

In other words, every cloud has a silver lining. You just have to change your perspective on a situation in order to see its good side.


Smile at Strangers

You don't have to do anything drastic in order to have a nice day. All you have to do is listen, laugh, and give a lot of compliments.


Good Energy is Contagious

If you hang around optimistic people, then you'll become more optimistic. That's why you have to leave the pessimists behind.


The Number on the Scale Doesn't Define You

All you see when you step on a scale is a single number. That doesn't tell you all that much about yourself, now does it?


Stop Blaming Society

You need to take responsibility for your actions. If you do something wrong, blame yourself instead of placing the blame on everybody else.


You're Good Enough

Stop criticizing yourself. You're pretty enough for that boy. You're smart enough for that promotion. You're strong enough for this world.


The Strongest People Accept Pain

Don't be pessimistic, because you know there's a lot of pain in the world. After all, the strongest people accept the pain that they feel.


You Don't Need a Plan

It helps to have goals and plans, but you shouldn't freak out if you're clueless about what you want from the future. See what happens.


Leap of Faith

If you want to be happy, you're going to have to take a leap of faith. It's scary, but it's something you'll have to do eventually.


Decide to Be Happy

Happiness is a decision. It's as simple as that.


Love Those Who Make You Love Yourself

Don't hang out with people who make you feel like crap. Become friends with the people who inspire you to love yourself.

These quotes should motivate you to start living the life you want to live. Are you a pessimistic person or an optimistic one?

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I'm fasting and while I fast I can't be unpleasant or negative and this helps allot

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