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Awe-Inspiring Quotes from the DNC RNC Conventions That Every Woman Can Relate to ...

By Heather

We here at All Women Stalk are neutral. We come from many different places and have unique, personal, individual opinions – just like all of you! It's an election year in the United States, you see, and to say that things are pretty divisive is putting it mildly. There are also some pleasant surprises coming from both sides of the main parties. We're not endorsing anybody, but you have to admit that, whatever your feelings, it's an important year. It's historic, regardless of politics. In celebration of that, we're bringing you the best quotes from the DNC and the RNC conventions that we think every woman can relate to in one way or another. Remember, though – we all have opinions and valid, valuable reasons for them. Someone who supports a different candidate isn't stupid, clueless, ignorant, or evil – they simply have a different opinion, and that's okay! Let's celebrate the good things, the powerful things, with these empowering quotes by women, for women. To start off with a quote from President Barack Obama himself, “Don't boo. Vote.”

1 “when They Go Low, We Go High.” – Michelle Obama, FLOTUS

The First Lady killed it. Her speech on the first night of the DNC convention set the tone for the entire event. People on both sides of the political divide praised her speech for its content, intent, and overall delivery because she was poised, proud, and powerful. I love this quote the most, and I think it's definitely something every woman can relate to. The majority of us do that to some degree every single day. Someone will always try to go low and all we can do in return is go high. I think we can all be thankful she shared with the world the motto she also shares with her husband. Soar, FLOTUS!

2 “Everyone Wants Change.” – Melania Trump

Some things happened with Melania's speech at the RNC. We all know what those things are. They are not great things, but Melania's speech still had several highlights. Some of her most relatable statements were simple but universally true, like this. Everyone wants change – with ourselves, our professional lives, our personal lives, and yes, our government. The thing is, you have to work to change things. You have to do your part.

3 “Let’s Keep Going until Every One of the 161 Million Women and Girls across America Has the Opportunity She Deserves to Have.” – Hillary Clinton

No matter what your political opinion or who receives your vote, can you find fault with this idea? Every woman deserves any opportunity she sets out to achieve. Our girls need not only to know that but to live that.

4 “Real Change … is Only Going to Come from outside the System.” – Ivanka Trump

The full quote is “Real change — the kind we have not seen in decades — is only going to come from outside the system,” and in context, it applies to the Republican party, but even in context, it's something to which women can relate on our own. Again, be the change you want to see. Work for it – but sometimes you can also change things from within the system if you're lucky enough to be in it.

5 “What Does It Take to Be the First Female Anything? It Takes Grit and It Takes Grace.” – Meryl Streep

Aside from the fact Lyndsie and I will never pass up the opportunity to see Meryl, this is a beautiful statement. Being the first woman to do something is difficult, not to mention overwhelming. It doesn't have to be some huge, historical first, either. You might be the first girl in your family to go to college or to move somewhere or to come out, for that matter. It all takes grit and grace, as well as strength, perseverance, and determination.

6 “...there is Nothing We Cannot Accomplish if We Marry Vision and Passion with an Enduring Work Ethic.” – Ivanka Trump

Ivanka's speech was truly wonderful. She said many inspiring, powerful, and touching things. In this instance, she was talking about what her father taught her, and that's amazing, it's really, honestly lovely. It's a sentiment every woman should remember, especially when she's striving to make a change.

7 “We Believe That No Matter Who You Are, No Matter Where You’re from, No Matter Who You Love, Equal Means Equal.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren

There's no doubt every woman can relate to this. Every woman hopes for this, right? We all want to stand on equal footing, to be viewed and valued for our accomplishments, our intelligence, our talents, and our reputation, not by our gender, our sexuality, our breasts, or our beliefs.

8 “We Never Give up. We Rise to Every Challenge. We Fight and We Win.” – Laura Ingraham

I can't say a lot of nice things about Laura Ingraham, but a lot of people can and that's totally cool. I think this is a powerful, memorable quote from her all the same. It's in reference to Americans specifically, but it also applies to women. We are so strong with spines of steel. We absolutely rise.

That's not to say that there weren't plenty of incredibly inspiring quotes from many of the male speakers at both conventions, although that probably depends on which side you butter your bread, politically speaking. These quotes, though, they're uplifting – and women need to do that for each other, even when they have vastly different opinions.

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