Exceptional Ways to Nix the Sunday Night Blues ...


Exceptional Ways to Nix  the Sunday Night Blues ...
Exceptional Ways to Nix  the Sunday Night Blues ...

Are you looking for ways to nix the Sunday night blues? If you, like so many out there, are the kind of girl who lives for the weekend, then you will be all too familiar with the emotional feelings that have come to be known as the Sunday night blues! It’s that mood that you get in when you realise that yet another weekend has gone by all too quickly and that you are now facing another long five days at work until you can be free to live your best weekend life once again! Look, Wednesdays are never going to be as great as Saturdays, we know that, but what we also know is that there are some things that you can do to ensure that your Sunday evenings are always as depressing as they have been. Here are a few ways to nix the Sunday night blues.

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Sunday Fun Day

One of my favorite ways to nix the Sunday night blues is to plan something fun. Rather than packing all of your weekend fun on Friday night and Saturday, always leave something back for Sunday so that you aren’t spending the entire day at home, just watching the hours tick by. Even just brunch with friends will give you something to look forward to.


Cut Back on Booze

Sundays are always going to be horrendous if you go out drinking every Saturday night. Any day that you have a hangover is a bad day, and if this happens to be every Sunday, then there is no surprise that you have negative feelings about that day in particular!


Den of Zen

Declutter your home so that it can be described as a true den of zen. The less tidying and arranging you have to do on Sunday, the more you can just lay back and relax, maybe catch up on the shows that you missed during the week. It will become something you look forward to instead of dreading.


Set Weekly Goals

Spend some time on Sunday writing down some goals that you hope to achieve in the upcoming week. This turns the day from being a weird, depressing in-between time, to a time that can be used to motivate you to head into Monday with a plan and with enthusiasm.


Add Activities

If sitting on the couch with a box set is only proving to make your Sundays more depressing, then find an activity to do that gets you out of the house and in with a crowd. It could be yoga, it could be a pub quiz, anything to take your mind off what day it is!


Make Plans

As well as writing down goals for the week, spend Sunday getting in touch with friends and family to set up fun things to do in the coming seven days. Having these plans set in place will give you a much better outlook on the day.


Treat Yourself

If you have been good with your food choices during the week, then why not dampen the depression of Sunday by treating yourself to some really naughty snacks or meals? Break out the ice cream or dust off the Chinese takeaway menu - you deserve it!

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