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7 Things You Should Forgive Yourself for No Matter How Difficult ...

By Gillian

We are all so hard on ourselves sometimes, and we forget that there are things you should forgive yourself for. We get so caught up in life and what our society’s expectations are that we lose ourselves. Keep being positive and working toward what makes you happy, and along the way make sure to let the past go. We too often get down on ourselves too easily! These are all things you should forgive yourself for right now.

1 Not Knowing Your Future

This is number one of all the things you should forgive yourself for, as this brings a lot of people down. This is OK! Not everyone knows what they want to do with their future, and this is the last thing you should feel down about. Yes, of course you should be striving to work toward a future, but there are still people figuring that out at every age. Don't give yourself such a hard time in this category, and take it slow while figuring out what you love and what your passion is.

2 Not Feeling Worthy

This is pretty much every girl I know, and it is very sad to me. We live in a society that everyone is speaking down to each other, and girls are too harsh with each other. Bad names get thrown around too easily and over nothing. We need to start loving ourselves for who we are and know that there are people that care. Just because you don't look like the Victoria's Secret models, it's OK!


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3 An Old Breakup

If you broke up with someone and it didn't go well, a lot of times we harbour these feelings and guilt and continue to live with that. That is absolutely something you need to forgive yourself for. Although it may have been hard, that is something that you wanted at the time, and you can't deny that. You have to put your feelings first and be selfish too sometimes. If you can't let these feelings go, it will be hard to move on.

4 Not Having Any Money

If you are financially struggling, you need to stop being so down on yourself. This is something that people do on a regular basis, and it isn't healthy. If you are working toward your career or finding a better job, let that come before you start getting down on yourself. Money is a worldwide problem. I get it though; it is depressing when you can't buy that awesome blouse you saw in the store last week, but one day you will be able to. Stay positive!

5 Being Single

You aren't single because no one finds you attractive or likes you. Trust me! There is someone out there for everyone. Don't be so hard on yourself when you see all your friends in a relationship. You need to be happy by yourself (and love yourself) before you can be happy with another person.

6 Not Working in the Field You Wanted

If you went to school to be an accountant, but you are now working in a different field, don't hate yourself. Things change and happen - it's called life. A lot of the times it can be out of your control. Finding a job in your career field can be very difficult and there are lots of people not working in what once was their desired field.

7 The Things You Ate Last Night

OK ladies, we all know we are guilty of making ourselves feel horrible about what we ate. We all need to stop this! Even if you are trying to get into shape, life is about having fun and if you went out last night and ate that plate of nachos, so be it. All you have to do is work extra hard at the gym the next day. Don't feel so bad about what you eat that it controls your life as that is just not healthy at all. Live life to the fullest right now and if that means eating those amazing sticky chicken wings, then do it.

I know these are all hard things to get over and move on from, but you need to for yourself, and to continue living a happy life. Is there something you just can't let go of? Something that you get too down on yourself for?

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