7 Effective Tips for Dealing with Toxic People ...


7 Effective Tips for Dealing with Toxic People ...
7 Effective Tips for Dealing with Toxic People ...

Emotional vampires are truly unpleasant people to deal with. We´ve all encountered someone who falls into that category, but don´t realise it until they´ve well and truly worn us out. Emotional vampires are exhausting and suck all the energy out of you. So here are some effective tips on how to deal with toxic people like that …

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If you´ve realised that someone in your life falls into the category of emotional vampires, you may feel that you can´t exclude them entirely from your life. If this is the case (they are often family members that we still want to retain a relationship with), then at least try to keep them at a distance. This way, you won´t have to deal with their toxic effect too often.



Toxic people can frequently take advantage of your good nature and the fact that many people don´t feel comfortable with confrontations. So they continue to get away with their behaviour. Taking a firm attitude and showing them that you won´t tolerate their actions can stop them in their tracks, especially if they´re not used to people standing up to them.



One of the more unusual ways how to deal with toxic people is to be nice to them. It can be very effective. Such characters often enjoy provoking a reaction – but the one reaction they don´t expect is a pleasant one. It can be so annoying that they just don´t know how to deal with it, except by disappearing!


Limit Exposure

If your emotional vampire is someone that you still want to stay in contact with, or that you can´t avoid completely (such as a work colleague), try to limit the amount of contact you have with them. Work different shifts, avoid social occasions where you know they´ll be, and keep communication to a level you feel comfortable with.


Don´t Give in

One of the worst things you can do with toxic people is to let them have their own way. They can be terrible bullies and manipulators, and they get away with this because people let them. Resist giving in to them, even if doing so seems to make for an easy life – it will be tougher in the long term.


Give as Good as You Get

Many people find it difficult to deal with the bullying aspect of the toxic individuals they encounter. So one of the best things you can do to stop their behaviour is to give as good as they get! It will do them good to learn that not everyone is intimidated by them. Let them have a good dose of their own medicine, and they will find out that they can´t always get away with their behaviour.


Fire Them

Sometimes, there is only one answer on how to deal with toxic people. Get them out of your life. Some people will never learn or change their attitude in any way, and having them around is just damaging. It´s a difficult decision but a brave one – sometimes even relatives are just not worth having around.

Emotional vampires are quite common, and definitely not fun to have around. They can be quite clever in how they operate though, and so have caused a lot of damage by the time you work out what effect they´re having on your life. However, they can be dealt with. Have you found any other effective ways on how to deal with toxic people?

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