What Are the Symbolic Meanings of Your Favorite Colors?


What Are the Symbolic Meanings of Your Favorite Colors?
What Are the Symbolic Meanings of Your Favorite Colors?

There are so many symbolic meanings of colors when you really take the time to look. I definitely enjoy symbols and am someone that looks for hidden meanings of things. We dress in colors, we see colors every day of our lives (inside our homes and outside in nature), and they do affect our moods. Some colors we’re drawn to, while others we find unappealing and unattractive. I’m hoping to provide you with some symbolic meanings of colors that aren’t just part of the rainbow, our aura or the chakras.

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Black When looking at the symbolic meanings of colors, black is probably one of the most intriguing colors that springs to mind, as it isn’t a color. As we know, it’s a combination of all the colors in the spectrum and is traditionally worn when mourning the death of a loved one (in the west that is). However, it’s becoming more of a color seen at weddings and isn’t given the cold shoulder that it once was. It is a formal color (think suits and black-tie events) and symbolizes mystery, sexuality, sophistication, power and elegance all at once. Negatively however, it can symbolize unfriendliness and can also be intimidating.



White Don't you think of purity and peace when you think of white (white roses and doves)? Not only is white used at weddings and at sporting events, like tennis and cricket, it’s becoming more and more popular to dress in all-white during the summer season too. White represents humility, simplicity and cleanliness. It also has many cleansing, healing properties and can be used to meditate on when a part of your body or certain cells require some tender loving care. White can also symbolize a blank canvas waiting for creative stimulation.



Gold Gold is one of those magical colors – it shines, glitters and symbolizes wealth and solidarity. It’s symbolic of dynasties and the emperor’s power, the sun, luxury, confidence and courage. Gold is definitely associated with masculine forces and energies. I say if you want to open yourself to courageous energy, meditate with gold. Typically, gold is associated with wealth, yet it is also symbolic for good health. Gold strengthens the nervous system, purifies the physical body and can generally attract positive energies. A powerful mind-balancer, gold allows you to accept love, open your mind and aid personal illumination. Wear it if you want increased personal power, courage and willpower.



Silver Silver is just like gold in the sense that it symbolizes wealth and money. It's the polar opposite though to gold in that it has feminine properties and symbolizes the realm of one’s imagination, intuition and the moon. Associated with modern sophistication, prestige, it is a fluid color with a degree of mystery surrounding it as it relates to sensitive energies and moods. It’s illuminating, balancing and has a coolness about it that relates to the future, science and technology.



Purple Traditionally, the color purple symbolizes royalty and nobility. It represents the realm of mystery also, similar to black and can be worn when mourning the death of a loved one. Shades of purple, like indigo are symbols of our higher consciousness and deep awareness as well as wisdom to our selves and the Universe. From a negative perspective, purple signifies arrogance and to a certain extent, cruelty.



Pink Pink signifies love, softness, tenderness, compassion and is traditionally a very feminine color that everyone associates with women, children and of course breast cancer awareness. Pink is a very non-threatening color. I don’t know about you, but I’m reminded of childhood innocence, fun dresses, candy floss and lollipops when I think of the color pink. A combination of red and white, in essence it is a combination of red symbolizing passion and power, softened by the purity of white. From a negative perspective, it can mean a lack of will-power or self-worth. Combining pink with darker colors can add a level of strength and sophistication to your outfits however.



Red What a powerful color! I love wearing red clothes and red lipstick on days when I’m not feeling so strong. Personally, red is synonymous with primal urges, love and personal security as it's associated with the first (base) chakra. You might find it helpful to meditate or visualize the color red when you need to strengthen your passions and personal security. The Chinese culture associates red with luck and prosperity, so consider yourself prosperous, if you’re driving around in a red car or carry a red handbag! Red as a negative color also symbolizes danger, death (blood), violence and aggression.

I hope these meanings will show you that color really can reflect how you feel about yourself. Maybe the next time you open your wardrobe, you’ll spend time thinking about matching your colors with your aspirations and energy vibrations. Empower yourself with the wonderful world of color!

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What about blue??

Pink and gold are my favorite colors

Actually, black is the absence of colors. The combination of all colors is white. 😊

Thanks for this article :D love it :)

Except pink was a male color until about 100 years ago

wheres blue

No green, no yellow, no orange ??

It is true pink was a color for males & blue for girls. I can not think of artist who painted the picture called Little Boy Blue and the girl was in pink. People were horrified that he had switch the colors. They are very famous pictures. Also, Vietnamese believe yellow is bad luck, only the rulers could wear yellow. My hair dresser is from Vietnam.

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