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7 Awesome Ways That Being a Gemini Benefits Your Friendships ...

By Alicia

Geminis are born in the loveliness of summer so it’s no surprise that they’re truly lovely people. You make an amazing friend to others, Gemini. Your friends should know they’re lucky to have you in their squad. These are some unique ways that being a Gemini benefits your friendships.

1 You’re Always Careful of Others’ Feelings

A Gemini is always careful of their friends' feelings. You’d rather do anything than hurt someone else. You’re very tactful and cautious of your words in all situations, both professional and personal. Because of this, your friends know they can trust you with delicate matters of their heart that they’re feeling sensitive about. They can talk to you about anything going on in their life without fearing that you’ll respond in a harsh manner.

2 You’re an Amazing Problem Solver

Geminis are great at solving problems. You put this skill to work in your own life and lend it into your friend’s life when they’re facing a problem and want advice. When you come up against a problem that seems like a brick wall to others, you aren’t overwhelmed. You look at problems from every angle until you find a solution. Your creativity helps with your ability to solve problems.


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3 You Have a Magnetic Personality

Geminis are magnetic. You draw people to you easily and because of this, you make lots of friends. It’s almost magical to watch. People just seem to flock to you. You have that unique something special about you that makes everyone want to be your friend.

4 You See Two Sides to Everything

You’re very balanced in your thinking as a member of this zodiac sign. You’re able to look at issues and see them from all sides, not just your own point of view. You can help your friends to not be so limited in their own thinking. They may not be naturally as good at balanced thinking as you are so it’s definitely something they can learn from you. This can prevent them from making rash decisions or jumping to conclusions.

5 You’re a Great Conversationalist

You may not know this about yourself, but you’re likely a great conversationalist. People love to talk to Geminis, which is probably part of your magnetism. You’re just fun to talk to. You’re clever plus you’ve got a quick sense of wit that makes conversation with you both interesting and entertaining.

6 You’re Always up for Trying Something New

Geminis detest boredom! You can’t stand to do the same thing every weekend or get into too much of a routine. You want adventure and new experiences in your life. This makes you a great friend to choose when a friend is doing something they’ve never done before. They know you’ll be up for the challenge.

7 You’ll Share Everything with Your Friends

You’ve got such a generous, open heart. You’ll share anything with your friends. Your friends know that if they need to borrow a sweater or your notes from class, the answer will always be of course they can. You’re completely unselfish with possessions and always willing to share. It’s something that comes very easily to you.

These are some of the unique traits that are beneficial to your friendships as a Gemini. Do your friends tell you that these are traits you show in friendship? I’m always interested in hearing how much rings true to each zodiac sign.

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