9 Reasons to Love Gloomy Weather ...


9 Reasons to Love Gloomy Weather ...
9 Reasons to Love Gloomy Weather ...

I have 9 reasons to love gloomy weather and I’m ready to show all of you that the fall and winter seasons ahead of us are good things. Gloomy weather doesn’t have to be depressing or mind numbing, it can actually be relaxing and fun loving. We may not be able to sunbathe outside anymore or even sit back on a restaurant patio soaking in the lovely eye candy, but here are my reasons gloomy weather is the best.

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Movie Nights

I doubt that you can find anything more soothing than the rain splashing down on your roof, lights low, candles lit, snacks ready and a rom-com movie just about to begin. This to me is as close to perfection as I may ever get. I love a good movie night, but unless the weather is lousy, it just never feels quite as cozy. How could this not be one of the great reasons to love gloomy weather?


Fall & Winter Fashion

Fall and winter fashions have always been my absolute favorites. The clothing always leaves something to be desired, which is really what men want (some just don’t know that yet; let them grow-up, they will learn). In most cases, gloomy weather fashion oozes class and never makes me feel self conscious. I bet most will agree that the more fabric the chilly season demands, the better. These fashions make for a lot less stress on your curves and make it much easier to enjoy life as you look now.


Comfort Food

I don’t care what anyone says, food makes everything better. Having a bad day? Eat a little chocolate and you’re near cured. Rough break-up? Hit the ice cream and raw cookie dough and he was never good enough for you anyways. Lost your job? Burgers and poutine keep you company while you dream up your next adventure. That is what I call making headway. Food has always and will always turn your mood around faster than reading 50 Shades of Grey. This is yet another fabulous reason gloomy weather is best.


Warm Beverages

Although Starbucks is as much of a success in the summer as they are in the winter, there is nothing like sipping on a steaming hot Earl Grey latte when you can see your breath outside. Hot beverages not only warm you up, but they make you feel soft and fuzzy inside. Some of my favorite warm beverages for the fall and winter are caramel apple cider, Earl Grey lattes, hot chocolate and of course chocolate chai lattes.



Candles do so many wonderful things. They set moods with their tame glow, their soft smells and their flickering visuals. Candles are one of my favorite things that come along with gloomy weather, along with fashion and food. During the fall and winter seasons, I find myself going through 100 tea lights a week. It’s the honest truth… I should really take out stocks in wax.


Pajamas ALL DAY

Spending 24 hours in your pajamas doesn’t feel like a waste of the day when there's gloomy weather outside. Everyone needs a down day. In fact, I believe you should have at least one a month. A day spent in your over-sized Bambi pajamas, catching up on life at home. Watching the many hours of PVR’d TV shows you love so much, eating far too many chocolate dipped pretzels and sipping wine like you were some sort of connoisseur. We all need days like this, and gloomy weather allows us to do it without the guilt.


Fall/Winter TV Schedule

Tell me I’m not the only one that looks forward to the fall/winter TV schedule? With shows like Modern Family, New Girl, Up All Night and The X-Factor, my weekday nights are pretty much called for. Sorry ladies, no time to hang out, I got a hot date with Eric Stonestreet that’s going to take place on my couch. The gloomy weather means a change in seasons, which means fall and winter TV is upon us. Life is good.


Puddle Jumping

I don’t care how old you are, wearing boots and splashing your way through the streets is somewhat comforting. Not only is it nostalgic, but it makes you stop and really appreciate life. With gloomy weather comes rain, with rain comes puddles and with puddles comes puddle jumping. What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a cute pair of boots, and matching umbrella…. Those puddles aren’t going to splash themselves.


Slowing down

Some react to rain as if it were acid pouring from the skies. They huddle into their homes and bunker down for the worst. I would say a good 90% of people refrain from going out much in the rain. Which means you can focus on stuff you have been putting aside in your home. I find the gloomy weather allows me to slow down without the guilt of wasting time. Slow down, relax and listen to what my body has been telling me for months. Which is, “Will you relax for just one minute?” This by far is one of the best reasons to love gloomy weather.

There are many reasons to love gloomy weather, and I have listed above nine of my favorites. Don't let the rain get you down. The next time the sky clouds over and it gets a little gloomy, find something fun or comforting to do! Tell me, what are your favorite things to do during the gloomy weather seasons?

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