7 Reasons to Read the Hunger Games ...

By Hayley

7 Reasons to Read the Hunger Games ...

I don’t know about you, but I was totally swept up in the Hunger Games frenzy. Having read the series in the time span of about a week, it’s fair to say I’m obsessed. It is a rule of the obsessed to make others also obsessed. Hopefully this inspires to you to get hungry for this series!

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Katniss Everdeen…

I am a pretty avid reader and it is usually hard to find a strong female character that appeals to me. Usually girls get to read the romance novels that contain the dumb, love struck women, Katniss puts a stop to that. She is probably the strongest female character I’ve read. Standing up for her own morals and beliefs and triumphing the competition, let’s just say she kicks some major butt.


Post-Revolutionary World…

The setting of the book is placed in a post-failed revolution America. The broken down state of things is unique to the story. I found it interesting how the country was broken down into specific districts which did specific things and that some were favored over others. It is amazing to see what could happen if things ever go astray, however, the book is obviously the extreme case.



As I mentioned before, the country is broken into districts one through thirteen, however, district thirteen is destroyed well before the story with Katniss starts. Each district has their own job to do, and the lower numbered districts are favored much more than the lower. This makes for an interesting little twist because the districts play such an important part to the plot. Pay attention!


The Games…

The games themselves are highly entertaining. The idea behind them is outlandishly barbaric, but something about them draws you in. The majority of the book takes place while Katniss is in the games, and believe me that is quite the emotional roller coaster. You will be giggling one minute at the witty remarks from Katniss, and then tearing up in the next sentence. It makes for a truly enjoyable read.


The Mentors…

Effie and Haymitch are quite the couple of characters. Effie with her eccentric style and Haymitch, who breaks out of his drunken stupor to actually help the tributes, help create a full plotline. Haymitch and Effie are really the backbone support to Katniss and Peeta on their journey, providing their expertise to hopefully keep them alive. It is seemingly impossible not to like the characters.

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If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Twisted Love Triangle…

Instead of your typical love triangle, author Suzanne Collins decided to throw you through a loop and give you a cruel love story. Watching the romance unfold is half the fun; you never know where Katniss’s heart really lies. I can’t say anymore without ruining the story, read up and find out what happens!


«May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor.»

Probably the most quotable line from the book, I know I still use it. It really adds a certain cruel irony to the story. The world all the citizens of Panem live in is not a pleasant one and they are constantly plagued with fear, odds are definitely never in their favor and making the kids fight to the death… well that just says it all.

Read up ladies! My best piece of advice is to have all three books on hand, having to wait for the next book in the series was the worst part. It is such a captivating story you’ll have to keep reading. Those of you that have already devoured the books, what do you think makes them worth the read?

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Hi Hayley, I'm a huge reader n you mentioned it being hard to find a strong relatable female lead in a book, my fave books have female leads - yay Hunger Games - so I have a couple you should try. Firstly 'divine by mistake' P.C Cast. Awesome awesome book. Then 'Poison Study' Maria V Snyder. Read them both (and the other two in their trilogy's) they're fantastic.

Just shared this post (via Twitter)

@2, way to many video-games and less well known books have used that setting so no it is not as "special" to this book as stated. A good example of this is the MistBorn trilogy.

Love this post! (: hunger games was amazing! I watched the movie and then read the books within a week.! Love them should have added a fast easy read cuz that also added to why I would recommend them. Before you even know it your done with the book and you HAVE to go get the next ASAP! (:

The Monkingjay book made me cry ! Katniss's witty remarks, what she thinks of the events, are so powerful, that I felt as if I, myself, am going through all of it.