9 Reasons I Love Tumblr ...


9 Reasons I Love Tumblr ...
9 Reasons I Love Tumblr ...

A while ago, in another post, I mentioned that I had no idea what Tumblr was even about. Then, of course, I had to investigate it, and like millions of other users, I promptly became obsessed. I’m serious, I spend way too much time on my Tumblr now. Facebook and I have totally broken up, and I won’t even return its calls. Although there are many, here are the main reasons I love Tumblr and now cannot envision life without it. Someone should probably stage an intervention.

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One of the main reasons I love Tumblr is because no one from my family knows I’m on it. I know that’s an awful reason, but I’m friends with all of my extended family on Facebook because it would cause a massive mess if I said no to anyone, and while it’s possible to block them from reading things I don’t want them to see, it’s also a hassle. I can’t really vent the way I would like to there, but on Tumblr, anything’s up for grabs, and if I don’t want people to follow me, I simply don’t tell them I’m there.


Freedom of Speech

Likewise, again, I love having a place to vent. If I want to complain about a family member or something that happened and don’t want anyone commenting on it, or don’t want to wage a Facebook war, then I have somewhere to do it. I don’t have to worry that I’m going to offend a friend or family member, but neither do I have to censor myself and get frustrated because I can’t say what I need to say.



Expressing myself is very important to me, and Tumblr lets me to it in a variety of ways. You can post your thoughts, of course, but you can also find pictures, .gifs, and other forms of media to suit every mood. You don’t just have to say what you feel, you can show it, which is definitely one of the main reasons I love Tumblr.



I have to say, thanks to all those crazy pictures and the way others use them to discuss their moods, Tumblr is funny. I find myself honestly laughing out loud at least three times a day, which is really refreshing. A lot of the things you find on there are funny, and let me tell you, there’s little enough funny in the world. Everybody needs to laugh at least once a day.


Ease of Use

I like to think that I’m super web-savvy, but if something’s hard to use, I’m pretty unenthusiastic. Tumblr makes everything ridiculously simple though. I mean, I didn’t have to figure out any fancy coding to make it my own, plus posting videos, pictures, and music are all really easy. Thank goodness, otherwise I would have been off in a second.


No Limits

There are really no limits to what you can do on Tumblr. You can express yourself any way you want to, you can make graphics yourself, you can post anything – it’s great. I hate being limited, whatever I do, especially when it comes to a site that’s supposed to be personal.



Versatility is incredibly important when it comes to social networking. That’s another one of the reasons I love Tumblr. It’s incredibly easy to post to or use other social networking sites right there. Though I am awfully peeved that my cell phone doesn’t automatically have the site linked into it. You suck, Samsung! Anyway, I also prefer it to Twitter because although it’s a micro-blogging site, you’re not relegated to 150 characters. This is good, because I am horribly long winded.



With any type of blogging site, I want to make it my own. You can do it with Myspace but I don’t even use that anymore. Facebook makes it pretty much impossible. Tumblr lets you customize your blog in any number of ways, though, and it’s incredibly easy, which is also a plus. I’m a total Photoshop freak, but there are times when HTML still reads like a foreign language to me.



If you want to get your name, your blog, your band, or your skills out there, Tumblr’s a great way to do it. You can promote yourself through just about everything, whether it’s through tags, watermarks, or the amount of followers you have. It doesn’t matter what you’re plugging, you can get a lot of attention through this little site.

These are just the main reasons I love Tumblr. I probably posted on it 10 times just while I was writing this! All right, so Tumblr addictions aren’t that great, but I’ve grown really fond of the site itself. What’s your favorite place to blog or express yourself?

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