7 Things to Love about Pottermore ...

Pottermore. What can I say about Pottermore? I am addicted. No fake jake, I am 100% an addict for this website and I don't think that there is a cure for it right? I do want to apologize to everyone that did not get early access, however I can tell you, when you do get in, in October, you are going to love it! That is why I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of 7 of the top things you will love about Pottermore – instantly!

1. The Back Stories

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So, I haven't read the books. Shoot me. I am working my way through the British versions now, but I am only on the second one. The back stories that are tucked away in Pottermore are incredible! I'm not kidding, J.K Rowling thought of everything and I swear, when you get access to Pottermore, make sure you start to read the books again, it'll be worth it!

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