8 Reasons to Be More Social ...


Having the ability to be social may be a hurdle for some but it's one of the most rewarding things we can possibly do for ourselves. It gives us many special things in return which we should embrace every chance we get!

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You Make More Friends

You naturally make more friends and connections when you're more social. This is because communication allows us to relate to the people we're speaking to and therefore it becomes a connection. If you get into the habit of being social, you'll find that you will have more friends and connections than you ever have before.


You Gain Confidence

Being social allows us to gain more confidence, which is especially important for those of us that are naturally shy and introverted. It may be hard and even uncomfortable at first, but after a while of practising being social on different occasions will lead you to feel more confident about yourself.


You Get to Know Others

Socialising is a great way to get to know others, who we might not have had the chance to get to know if we had chosen not to be social initially. t's fun and exciting to get to know other people and to be able to find out the similarities and differences between us. It's always worth the time it takes.


You Challenge Yourself

This is especially true for naturally shy and introverted people, who may not feel comfortable or at ease with socialising. That's why it's important to set ourselves challenges which we can overcome, and this will allow us to grow as individuals. It's healthy to challenge ourselves so we're constantly learning.


You're out of Your Comfort Zone

Being in your comfort zone can be comfortable and reassuring but it also doesn't teach you anything new and doesn't allow much personal growth. It's good to practise being outside of your comfort zone so you can experience new things and feel proud of yourself for being able to do it.


You Gain Self-esteem

Socialising allows you to gain self-esteem in the same way that it allows you to gain more confidence. This is because when you practise being social, you're slowly but surely becoming more self-assured which will make socialising feel more natural and comfortable, given time.


You Enjoy Life More

When you're being social and making connections with others, you feel like you're living life to the fullest and enjoying all that life has to offer, generally speaking.


You Let Others in

When friendships begin to grow, you gradually allow other people to come closer to us emotionally. A certain level of trust is built over time until you feel it's safe to let them in. This is when you start to share inner parts of yourself that not everyone will get to see.

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So true and mingle! It is fun and it takes the fear away as well. It is also invaluable experience so like i said go out there and mingle!

Great points! This is why I love being a social butterfly!

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