7 Reasons Why Life in Your Early Twenties is Actually a Bit Rubbish ...


7 Reasons Why Life in Your Early Twenties is Actually a Bit Rubbish ...
7 Reasons Why Life in Your Early Twenties is Actually a Bit Rubbish ...

If you've been told that life in your early 20s is great fun, and the best time of your life, then I'm afraid either you've been told wrong, or I'm doing it wrong. I'm not sure which. Have you seen Lena Dunham's hit show Girls? Well there's a reason it's been such a hit and that's because life in your early 20s really is that full of confusion, dodgy short sets and little mistakes you'd really, really rather forget.

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Is the Good Stuff over Already?

This depends on the order you've chosen to do things in, but this for me is definitely one of the reasons why I've realised life in your early 20s is actually a little bit rubbish. I've had three amazing years at uni, where I met some wonderful people, learned a lot and worked a bit too - but mainly, I just had a jolly good time. Working full time has come as quite the shock to the system, and when you think about those long years of the 9-5 stretched out before you, it can feel like you've peaked already.


I Have No Money

I thought I'd be better off financially at least, working full time. And I am, marginally. But unless you're a banker, chances are the first half of your twenties is going to be spent stretching those pennies. Thought you'd be living in your own flat and toting round a Mulberry by 25? Forget it. In this economy, what was attainable for our parents seems to be getting further and further away for us.


Everything Matters

You know as a teenager how all those silly little things matter? Well, I know they stop mattering so much as you get older. But older is not, apparently, in your early twenties. So, on top of all the serious job and life stuff, all those trivial things still occupy an annoyingly prominent part of your brain.


Bottom of the Pile

Maybe you've just finished college like me, or you've only been working a couple of years. Either way, you're at the bottom of the career pile. Understandably so, of course, because you've only just started out. That doesn't stop it smarting any less when you're sent to do the jobs a trained monkey could do, again. It doesn't matter how good your company is, or how nice the people you work with are, there's still a hierarchy - and you're at the bottom of it.


It's Complicated

Ah, relationships. Always complicated, but especially so in your twenties. Either you're single, and having lots and lots of sex, and generally disgracing yourself every weekend over that much-needed vat of wine - or you're in a relationship. Where that relationship might have chugged along quite happily at uni, now you have to think about where it's going. Do you want to move to the same place? Will you move in together, or move in with friends? Or stay at home, but perhaps be miles apart? Plus you have to work so much now...how are you supposed to fit everything in? What's the right balance? Argh!



This could be a good thing or a bad thing in my opinion. I'm 21 and in that one, solitary year of being in my twenties so far, I have made a lot of mistakes. With EVERYTHING. I've quite literally lost count of the amount of times I've shamed myself, sometimes even (whisper it) without the influence of 14 mojitos. But that's okay, right, because of my youth and inexperience? I'm told it is - I just have to live with the knowledge that I've acted like a bit of a tit. Again.



And, of course, the big one. The inescapable, constant feeling that what you choose to do now really will impact - or worse, determine - the course of your life to come. What's the right path to take? I regularly ask myself what I want to do when I grow up. But, hold on, wait! I am grown up, and now I have to choose. Not next year, not when I've got this or that qualification - now.

Obviously, there are great things about being in your early twenties. The bad stuff is amplified but then, of course, so is the good stuff. A great night out isn't just great - it's the BEST NIGHT YOU'VE EVER HAD. The feeling of newness is still there. Still, I could definitely do without the constant anxiety. Will someone, anyone, please reassure me?!

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I'm in my 60's and what I can impart to you is don't take it too serious, live each day as if it were your last do your best,learn to enjoy solitude that is where you can reflect on what you have learned,money and career don't define you...you can be broke and enjoy life better than those who obsess about money, don't pick apart your flaws someday you will look back and ask what you thinking,don't worry about moving out and being on your own there will be a time you look back and remember those were easygoing times with no restraints...or bills to pay even if you pay rent its nominal at parents home....remember to enjoy each stage of life as each decade you complete there is another one in the wings ...remember how you felt leaving 12 behind and all that being a teen ment..look back on it now and rejoice in the knowing what's ahead don't hurry it gets here soon enough....enjoy each day given to you we are all justo vying toward the inevitable dirt nap so make life count enjoy it with no regrets.....even the bad stuff makes you stonger

I'm 24! And I am all too familiar with every single thing on this list. Le sigh.

I think it's tough until people get where they want to be in their careers. If you love your job, you will do well and everything else will just move along in my opinion.

To me, having a younger boyfriend in my early 20s was rubbish - age difference I felt was massive at that time... It's nothing now though.

Ahhhh thank you. I'm not alone. I'm 27 in 2 weeks and things are only just getting good :) I thought I was behind with everything

I agree Maria! I thought by now I would have my career, working on being a homeowner and just living the life but Im being patient and keeping in mind everything takes time.

I am currently experiencing these things.. I found myself nodding to everything you say. I'm living into it and just thinking that whatever I do today will affect the future...so I just try to do the best as I can. Of course, while having fun... :)

I'm also 21 and definitely experience all these!

Ah your Twenties! Yes. They are awkward. Yes there is a lot of pressure to perform at work and out with friends. You want reassurance, here it is... I promise you will look back and cringe all your life about things you should have, could have done better or different or that you just should have done at all. I promise you that you will also look back on your twenties and think..."What did I do with all that time I had before (fill in the blank)!" Usually the blank will be things like children, a flat to decorate or pay for, a full time job or a spouse, etc... I promise you, you will not only get better with age, you will get awesome! I am turning forty this year. My twenties sounded just like what you are describing. But...every age can be a bit rubbish, that's just life. Go out there make mistakes, surround yourself with awesome people, take care of yourself and love every moment, even the bad ones because you are making memories you will one day cringe over with your lover or with your kids or your friends, or quite the opposite, you will make memories that will make you smile and/ or laugh till you cry! Enjoy your twenties and your thirties, etc. this is your life, stop waiting for it to get good, Make it good! Cheers! :-)

I hate to break it you, but replace "20's" with "30", "40", "50"....these 7 things will still be with you! The biggest & most important difference is, you still have lots of time to do something about them...good luck & remember it's a journey, not a destination

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