8 Things Not to Worry about in Your Twenties ...

By Alison

8 Things Not to Worry about in Your Twenties ...

There are so many things not to worry about when you're young. Your twenties should be a time to start discovering yourself and having fun, yet a lot of people spend them fretting about love, work and other issues. Some things just aren't worth the worry, especially when you're young! Here are some things not to worry about in your twenties …

1 What Other People Think

One of the main things not to worry about is what other people think of you. Often in our twenties we haven't yet developed the self-confidence that comes with growing older. So we let the opinions of parents and peers influence our decisions. Follow your own path and be your own person instead.

2 Starting a Family

It's one of life's great ironies that biologically, the younger we start our family the better. Yet we're often not stable enough financially or emotionally in our twenties. By all means have your kids young if it's right for you, but don't do so because you're worried about declining fertility and all the dire warnings in the media.

3 Buying a House

Do you worry that you'll never get on the property ladder? Buying a home is something that you should never rush into. Don't buy because you are afraid that prices will rise and shut you out of the market. It may be better to concentrate on saving for a deposit and other costs, then buying when the time is right.

4 Making Mistakes

When you get older, you don't worry so much about making mistakes. However, when you're younger this can be a real anxiety. So you've got things wrong a few times. It happens, and it's how we learn. So don't spend your youth worrying about your mistakes.

5 Getting a Man

There's still a lot of pressure to be part of a couple. But there's no hurry! Date someone if you really like them, but don't worry that you're going to be single forever. If you're only in your twenties, there is plenty of time to meet someone. Concentrate on having fun instead.

6 Getting Old

Even people in their twenties can worry that their life is slipping away. But you have the majority of your life ahead of you! Yes, we all have to get old, but as they say, it's better than the alternative. Besides, life can still be very enjoyable as you mature, perhaps even more so than when you were young. So don't waste time worrying about getting old.

7 Lack of Achievements

So often we compare ourselves unfavourably to others. That's a really negative thing to do to ourselves. Why criticise yourself because you feel that others have achieved more than you? We can't all be the top in our field, and you have probably done a lot more than you realise. Plus there is plenty of time to achieve more.

8 The World

When you're young, you can often become very anxious and depressed about the state of the world. Be realistic - we can't solve everything by ourselves. Try focusing instead on what you can do on a small scale. Even helping one person is making a difference to their life.

So, twenty-something readers, let go of any worries you may have. Concentrate on enjoying your twenties, and don't fear the future. There is so much to look forward to! Life can be great in your thirties, forties and beyond. What is or was your worst worry in your twenties?

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Love this ❤

All things that I needed to hear! Thank you, author of this :)

Love!! Refreshing!

I believe what is being said in this article is that don't stress too much over the things you can't control, live in the moment, create your own happiness and believe in yourself. It's not directly saying don't care or worry until your 30, it's telling people my age that it's okay not to have all the answers, just live and learn.

I'm 25, I have two boys and I've been with my husband since 13. Suddenly I feel like owning a home is a must this year. So glad you wrote this article, I really did feel like I was getting old lol.


This is definitely not a one-size fits all article. I don't necessarily agree with a majority of what's said, but I get why the writer thinks this way.

I didn't mean to make that message @courtney Rowe sorry I'm just getting used to this app

@charityllong how is this empowering women? Teaching them to care about anything or be responsible for anything or be independent in anything?

Thaank you! I needed this!

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