7 Ways Your Mum is Amazing ...


7 Ways Your Mum is Amazing ...
7 Ways Your Mum is Amazing ...

There are so many ways your mum is amazing – I know I would be completely lost without mine. And so, I have decided to studiously ignore Valentine’s Day this year and look forward to Mother’s Day; a day designed especially for my wonderful mum. Here are my seven ways your mum is amazing.

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This may not feel like one of ways your mum is amazing, but it definitely is. You always get told that you should tell your friends the truth, but how often do you really tell them they actually look awful in that new dress? But your mum? My mum is never shy about telling me if I’m not looking too special. And she’s honest with me about everything, so I always know I’m getting an objective view of things.



This is one of my favourite parts of having such a great mum – when I’m stressed out about work, friends or guys, I can just come home or call up my mum and she’s always there to listen to me moan away. I know I can trust her above anyone else.


3AM in the MORNING

The other day, I rather stupidly got stuck two hours away from home; I missed all my last trains, I didn’t have a car (or was with anyone with a car) and I had nowhere to stay. So what did I do? I rang up my mum and she came out and got me. Okay, so I wasn’t flavour of the month, so I always know she’ll be there when I need her.



My mum isn’t just my mum – she’s one of my best friends too. Obviously there are some things I would much rather talk about with my friends, but I can talk about most things with her, and I do. Plus, we go shopping together, we have spa days, we go on holiday together. And I always have the best time.



I’ve been incredibly lucky with my parents – without them, I wouldn’t have been able to go to university and get my degree, at least not without thousands and thousands of pounds in debt. Now I’ve finished studying but I’m only just starting out in the working world. My mum has helped me with everything – financially mainly, but with little things like helping me to cope with the longer days. It’s the little things that make so much difference.



You might learn the complicated things like algebra and physics from school, but you learn the majority of your life lessons from your mum. She’s the one that teaches you what’s right and wrong, life skills like cooking and cleaning for yourself, and how to deal with the problems in your life. I don’t know what I would be like without her there to guide me.


LOOK after ME!

As I sit here writing this, I have the flu. And there is no one I want around when I’m ill other than my mum. Because really, who can look after you better than that?

I hope this inspires you to tell your mum just how much you love her! And to treat her to something nice. I know I should let her know how grateful I am to her for putting up with me more often. So what do you think? Why is your mum so special to you?

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What about dads???

Yeah my mom isn't like this, you guys are lucky

My mom is my best friend too. I can't even say how great she is.

My mom was all of these things. She was killed in a car accident 6 months ago, and I definitely feel lost without her. Always be good to your mom and make sure she knows that you love her because she can be taken from you in a heartbeat :(

Wow it's very contradictive the comments made here. Some say great some say horrible lol wow I guess.

And sorry to hear about your loss Sarah.

My mom is a nightmare! All she had done in my life is more damage than good. How can a mother open credit cards in ur name n not tell u about it until u get rejected by a mortgage company. The stupid credit cards r maxed out. This have being a nitemare for my husband and I. Then she had the audacity to go to bankruptcy not one twice clean up her credit while mine is screwed bc of her!!!!!

@Brittany Nelson how is it contradictive? Some people may have great moms, some people may not, I have no doubt both can be true. Just because my mom is doesn't mean every mom is, etc. I didn't read any contradictory comments.

I love my mom. To the exterior world, she's always on my side

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