8 Things You Shouldn't Give up While Growing up ...


8 Things You Shouldn't Give up While Growing up ...
8 Things You Shouldn't Give up While Growing up ...

Things you shouldn’t give up while growing up don’t seem like something really important…at least not until you take a look around and realize some really matter a lot! Finding a way to hold onto your inner child doesn’t mean you have to act childish, of course, as I’m talking about some good traits most children have yet not all grownups seem to remember anymore. But do take a look for yourself at some of the things you shouldn't give up. Don’t you think these things are worth keeping?

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Some believe daydreaming is an illness, similar to phobias! And while it’s no secret that constant daydreaming might seriously affect the quality of your real life, a healthy dose of it is one of the things you shouldn’t give up simply because it may too childish for your age! Daydreaming is a form of creativity, it calms you down and makes you happy!



Children will ask tons and tons of questions, always want to know more, and sometimes even drive you crazy with the amount of things they need answers to. Why is it so hard for us to continue asking questions when we grow up, then? Is it boredom, busy lifestyle or what? Don’t give up on all the knowledge, beauties and mysteries the world has to offer, ladies! The more you ask, the more things you’ll know!


Pure Love

When children love, they love with all of their hearts – they will love you because you’re you, not for your money, social status, things they could earn through knowing you or whatnot. Isn’t that a great childhood thing to keep?


Ultimate Joy

Should I even go into explaining how amazing it is to see a child happy? The way their face brightens up, the way their eyes light up, the fact that you can really see how happy they are… Absolutely fascinating! Some grownups actually manage to hold onto this amazing childhood trait and are the ones I’d always go an extra mile to make happy. It would be fun to have more of those – don’t you think? Let’s enjoy being happy and really showing it, then!


Great Stories

Every child loves a great bedtime story, right? But why give up all of those wonderful stories mommy didn’t tell us? I haven’t and I most certainly will not… Ever! That’s probably one of the reasons I love epic fantasy so much. Read, ladies! Grab a book today! You’ll be surprised to find out how many great stories exist out there!


Showing Affection to Family

You know what other childhood thing to keep? Those small, casual signs of affection you used to share with your parents and siblings! I know, I know, big girls don’t need to call their father “daddy” or kiss their mom’s good night, but you can let it slip to remind yourself and your parents about those special things or names you shared when you were younger. It may be a bit silly but I love it!



Remembering a few of your favorite childhood games or songs is one of those potentially very useful childhood things to keep, too! Who knows, you might decide to pass it on to your child, your child ends up doing the same and voila – a great family tradition is born! Good things can never be outdated, trust me on that one! I ended up teaching my nephew some of my childhood games too, and those are now the only things he’ll put aside his PSP or Wii for.


Childhood Friends

Some people come and go, some friendships are easily grown out of, yet those very special few stay for lifetime! A lot of it is pure luck but, make no mistake about it, every friendship requires a dose of sacrifice. Don’t let those good people you’ve known a lifetime slip away – call them up, text them, email them if you’re far away, don’t look for excuses not to meet up. Good friends are hard to find and good people are worth keeping.

Is there a special thing you shouldn’t give up while growing up you’d like to add? How about toys? Have you kept those?

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Prom. (I'm missing mine obviously cuz I'm transferring to another school 2 weeks before their prom)

Shouldn't naps be on there?

Another thing I think would be family holiday traditions. Pass those on to your own children as well as make new ones! And try to take notice of the little and simple things in life. It always amazes me what makes a small child happy. How in awe they get of flowers or clouds floating by. Adults take too much for granted

Barbie dolls and free style dance ^-^

I thought the model in the picture was a unicorn or something...lol

Awesome article! Thanks a lot for sharing... I'm a child at heart!

I have some of my favourite stuffies!

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