10 Ways to Be a Student of Life ...


10 Ways to Be a Student of Life ...
10 Ways to Be a Student of Life ...

Here are ten tips that will help you make it through college. They are all tips that will help in some aspect of your life and make your college life a little easier. They will help you to avoid problems and may help to stop you from making short-sighted decisions. They are in no particular order.

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Enjoy It All

That is not just some bitter old mook saying that. The truth is that the college and student dynamic happens only once in your life, so you need to embrace it and enjoy it. You need to work on your studies, but you even need to enjoy that too whilst you are at it. You need to enjoy the student and community things. You need to enjoy the fact that this is the highest concentration of opposite sex you will find that are not already married and/or have kids. You also get to enjoy that none of opposite sex has a mortgage, thousands of dollars of debt and arteries packed with fat.


Plan What You Will Eat and You Will Never Be Hungry Again

Starving student is not particularly accurate, but it is a fun label that students give themselves. Sure, there are some who use their student loan money to buy beer and spend it on buying rims for their car. They go hungry and you often hear them scrounging around for something to eat.

You need not go hungry if you plan every meal you are going to have for the next fortnight. You may then buy just the right amount of food and plan so that nothing goes off or runs out before the end of the month.


Share Things

This is a good way of saving money in college. If you share things with other people then you do not have to buy things new. You just share what you have and they share what they have and between you all, you will not have to buy too many new things or hire items that you could otherwise borrow. All you have to do is make sure you can lend things that are as of much value as the things you borrow.


Use Some Form of Organizer

This is going to help you keep track of the things you need to do. To keep track of the things that are coming up soon. You can have a version for your studies and a version for your personal life, or you can put them all in the same organizer (or organizer app) but put them as different colors. Keeping yourself organized will help you stop having to stress out every time something comes up. You can stay calm, cool and in control.


Do Not Live Your Life by Facebook

There are students that spend the night in their dorm on Facebook and think that they are living a life. There are hundreds of people in your college that you can be friends with. Go out and make some.


Get into the Habit of Doing Revision at Night

Just spend at least thirty minutes every night doing a little bit of revision. It may sound like a slog, but it is actually a very good habit to get in to. If you do it before you go to bed then you do not need to set a definite time. Just make sure you do not do it in your bed or you will end up training your brain to feel sleepy every time you see your books.


Sleep and Sleep Some More

The biggest obstacle that students face is the fact that they have to do a lot and then do not get enough sleep. For some reason, there is a percentage of the student population that just does not like sleep. These same people suffer through college without ever really sleeping correctly for the full stretch of a week. Get some sleep and be prepared to miss some stuff. Get some sleep and you will feel better in the long run.


Find an Honest Way to Make Money

This may mean getting a part-time job or mowing your parent’s lawns or the neighbor’s lawns. It may mean delivering leaflets or working at a call centre. Find a way of making a bit of money, but if you can live on what you get for your student loan, then do that and have your time to yourself. It is nice to earn money, but you are going to have to work jobs you hate for the rest of your life, so enjoy the bit of freedom you have right now.


Be Open Minded

You are going to see a lot of weird people in college and will probably come across a lot of weird things. You need to be open-minded, but also tolerant. People are going to come across a lot of new theories and they are going to take them on as part of their identity. They are going to become overly sure of themselves and will think they are highly intellectual when they do. They will not realize they sound like every other student that has ever been to that college. You just have to be open-minded, tolerant and let it slide.


Be Part of Study Groups

Sure, those late nights turn from stripping Pythagoras theorem to stripping down to skins and partying down, but that is all part of the fun. Most of the time you should be working in your study groups, and being part of one makes studying a little more fun. It becomes a less solitary thing and all of a sudden you start to find it more fun than being on your own. Plus, if you all have an assignment, then it is good to swap notes and arguments. Get with a cooperative group and you may all achieve great things.

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