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Hi there! I hope you are happy and healthy. Lately I’ve been trying my best to keep a consistent journal and although I tend to journal a lot, I’m never doing it as often as id like. The reason why I journal is because it’s something that definitely keeps me sane in times of chaos. The only thing is, I'm always on and off with it for many reasons and most of the time it's because I just don't feel like writing. So, I was doing some research in hopes to find different ways to journal and I thought I'd share some of the ones I found most interesting and useful.

1. Writing Prompts

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If you find yourself stuck when journaling, you can go online and find a couple prompts that will, well... prompt you to write! You don't have to answer these prompts in paragraphs, you can totally just write bullet points or just list your answers! Some common prompt ideas: things that made me smile today, things that I'm grateful for today, things I did today, songs I listened to today, etc.

2. Have a Journaling Friend

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This seems overly simple but it can help! I used to have a journaling friend but they moved away and we lost touch. :( Basically, you can both bounce around ideas, find new ways to spice up your journaling, etc. so that you don't get bored. This would also help to keep you on track and not fall back.

3. Interval Journaling

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This sounds like stats or something but I promise it is not. This type of journaling determines how long the distance between your entries would be. So if you choose to daily journal your interval is a day. You can also choose to journal every other day, weekly, monthly, etc.

4. Incorporate It in Your Routine

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Having a routine is what will enable you to really keep up with certain habits that you may want to develop. When you keep repeating a behaviour for 2 weeks, it will become habit and this is what you are trying to achieve. So, add journaling to your nightly routine if you already have one. Maybe while your waiting for that mask to dry, you can jot down a few words. Or, if you don’t have a routine, think of a set of 2-3 things you’d like yo keep up with and do them before bed of whenever you plan for them. Some ideas may include face/hair masks, reading (after or before you journal), meal preps, etc.

5. Mood Board or Dream Board Journaling

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In my opinion, this is one of the most creative ways to journal. A mood board is a set of pictures you combine together to explain your mood or your aesthetic. You can use this to explain what you did that day, who you saw, what you felt, and so much more. It looks similar to a collage but with a bit more you involved. After all, they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, don’t they!

6. Video Diaries

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Most people will make video diaries when they’re on vacation because its hard to describe an image or an experience in all of its tiny details. When you have a video, you don’t have to rely on your memory to relive that moment. But who says that you have to limit this wonderful diary technique to travels? Use it for those days you want to savour and even if its just you sitting on your bed talking to yourself about your day, why shouldn’t you? I say go for it, especially when your in need of a fresh start!

7. Online Journaling

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I’m the last person who will tell you to let go of that pencil and paper situation but in situations where it might suit you better, I say sure, go for it! There are endless ways for you to do this. You can decide to journal using google docs so that you can access your journal from literally any electronic device with wifi, or you can decide to join an online forum to share your experiences and thoughts with others, like amino! You just have to know what you want and know where to go.

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