How Art Helps You Become Educated ...

Did you know that Queen Victoria took art classes as a child? When raising a future queen, art was praised so highly that it was given a significant role in her education. That connection between art and education hasn't changed. But now, it's being pushed to the wayside. Today, the art of education isn't the art itself, but writing essay after essay. However, more and more schools are beginning to turn back to it. Why is art important? Well….

1. The Creativity Spreads

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Creativity is useful in any course, whether it's an art, math language, or science class. And art nurtures that creativity, helping it to grow. Learning how to think outside of the box is immensely beneficial to students of any and all ages, from preschool to the elderly taking classes at retirement homes. It lets you have fresh ideas that are all your own, instead of just rehashing the same idea over and over again.

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