How Art Helps You Become Educated ...

By Olga

How Art Helps You Become Educated ...

Did you know that Queen Victoria took art classes as a child? When raising a future queen, art was praised so highly that it was given a significant role in her education. That connection between art and education hasn't changed. But now, it's being pushed to the wayside. Today, the art of education isn't the art itself, but writing essay after essay. However, more and more schools are beginning to turn back to it. Why is art important? Well….

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The Creativity Spreads

Watercolor paint, Painting, Still life, Garden roses, Still life photography, Creativity is useful in any course, whether it's an art, math language, or science class. And art nurtures that creativity, helping it to grow. Learning how to think outside of the box is immensely beneficial to students of any and all ages, from preschool to the elderly taking classes at retirement homes. It lets you have fresh ideas that are all your own, instead of just rehashing the same idea over and over again.


They Inspire Critical Thinking

Flower, Lavender, Lilac, Purple, Plant, It goes beyond “thinking outside the box,” however. Arts can also help with critical thinking and decision-making skills. Being able to put pieces of information together in different, unique ways and see things from various sides makes it easier to solve a problem or come to a decision. This is a difficult task, particularly for young children, so being able to work on it is immensely helpful. It keeps adults sharp, as well.


You Build Focus

Watercolor paint, Sketch, Paint, Drawing, Illustration, When it comes to working on anything, whether it is a research paper or a college application, you need the ability to focus. Being able to sit down and concentrate on the problem or task at hand (such as deciding whether to pay for term papers or write them yourself) is a huge part of education. Focus doesn't come naturally to everyone. But art requires you to be involved in what you're doing. That helps to improve focusing skills later on.


It Gives You Confidence

Face, Skin, Cheek, Eyebrow, Head, Being able to make something beautiful is what makes you proud of yourself. The act of creating art is a task that practically everyone can do, whether you have any natural artistic talent or not. Knowing that the idea that you're putting into it matters, and that you were able to make something, gives you confidence in yourself. And being confident in art leads to you being confident in your education. You can't pay for something like that!


It Makes You Happy!

Flower, Plant, Flowering plant, Lavender, love in the mist, This is probably one of the most crucial effects art has on a student: It makes you happy! Happier than any research paper would, by far. Being around art, seeing it, has a cheering effect on humans. In the classroom, being so happy can make learning easier and more fun for students of any and all ages. If you're happy, you're paying attention to what's being taught, not daydreaming or wishing you hadn't had to get out of bed. The difference is astounding.

The arts traditionally played a significant role in education. Now, we're seeing them brought back for modern students. From critical thinking and decision-making skills to just brightening your day, they have a number of positive effects on those participating in them.

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