7 Ways to Enjoy Life to the Fullest ...


7 Ways to Enjoy Life to the Fullest ...
7 Ways to Enjoy Life to the Fullest ...

" We only live once, but once is enough if we do it right." SO true, right? You can either mull over everything that's wrong in your life, or find happiness by living life to the fullest. We love Lobna's tips on how to do that and so will you! Thanks Lobna!

Life isn't that easy but it's also not as hard as some of us think. Sometimes we have these thoughts like "This is the worst thing ever" or "There is no solution for what I'm going trough!" I would like to tell you that all these thoughts are very common and normal. We all have to deal with many problems in our lives. Moreover, we all have these moments when we don't know what to do in our lives. Here are some great tips that might help you deal with life's problems and enjoy it to the fullest…

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Enjoy What You Have

Be thankful. No matter how bad or hard you think life is, there is always something you may like, something you appreciate. For instance, when you are in a very bad mood you can list down things you enjoy about life. These things can be as simple as the clothes you have, your friends, you cat or dog or even the fact that you are able to read this article! Instead of always thinking in a negative way, try being positive! You will find out that you really missed a lot by not considering good stuff in life!


Dream Big

However, enjoying what you have does not at all mean that you shouldn't dream big. Think of the goals you want to accomplish in your life, things you want to do or have. Decide your goals and also work hard to achieve them. It may be something as simple as getting your crush to like you, to draw a nice picture or even to get something you've always wanted… Just think of something you really want to do. It has to be personal though, so you don’t have to tell all your friends about your dream. Just keep working towards it.


Be Confident

Love yourself! We all have faced difficulties and problems in our lives no matter who we are, what we do and where we live. There is always competition between people and to be able to succeed, we need to be self-confident. It allows you to have trust in yourself and in your abilities as well as to believe in what you do. Being confident also helps in reducing anxiety and nervousness; of which most people suffer. Thus, when a person is calm, it is because he really has faith in his abilities and has self-confidence. However, remember to never be arrogant!


Do Not Trust People Easily

People are not always warm-hearted, trust me! A lot of people will put you down and stop you from accomplishing your dreams. Don’t be naive or else you'll get back stabbed badly! Be aware and slow to trust.


Be Nice

It is always a good thing to be nice even to people you hate and to people that hate you. I know this may be hard but it is the right thing to do. Sending positive vibes brings back positive vibes. It's just that simple.


Protect Yourself

It is a good thing to have a few secrets only to yourself. This is called your private life and you must protect it! I know it is nice to have these few best friends you really trust and to whom you can tell any and every single detail in our life, but sometimes it is better to keep certain things to yourself. Thus, the possibility of getting disappointed will be less as well as the possibility of people talking about you behind your back.


Depend on Yourself

You don't want to be disappointed by someone you relied on so always fulfill your needs by yourself. You can help other people but never do something you don't want to do.

To conclude, I would like to tell you to enjoy life as it is and be positive. Also, never forget your duties. Have fun and good luck!

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Thanks for the article , it's things that we know but sometimes reading them again in a positive and encouraging article like this helps to remind me. : )

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