The Best Things βœ… You Can do to Fight πŸ₯Š against Climate Changeβ›ˆπŸ’¨ ...

Donald Trump's action of pulling the USA out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement has led to many more people asking how can I help to stop climate change? Climate change is a global issue but we can each take responsibility for our own actions and our own carbon footprint. The more of us that care and take steps to stop climate change, the greater the impact will be. The David Suzuki Foundation has published a list of simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint which are ultimately ways to help stop climate change. Are you ready to help safeguard the planet for future generations?

1. Get Involved

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Take a few minutes to contact your political representatives and the media to tell them you want immediate action on climate change. Remind them that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will also build healthier communities, spur economic innovation and create new jobs. And next time you're at the polls, vote for politicians who support effective climate policies.

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