Genius Ways on How Women Can save the Planet ...

By Katt

Genius  Ways on How Women  Can save  the Planet  ...

I'm here to tell you how women can save the planet. Polar bears can swim, but they don't live in the water. The ice is melting around them and they're literally running out of habitat, maybe even with the realization that if whatever is happening doesn't stop, they'll drown soon.

They're giantic and fluffy. A female polar bear can adopt a cub that isn't its own. Polar bears love play fighting and sometimes fall asleep embracing. And isn't Ice Bear from "We Bare Bears" the most adorable thing ever?

Okay so now that you're sold, what are you going to do to help slow global warming? Here's how women can save the planet.

Table of contents:

  1. your hard earned dollars at work
  2. use your car less
  3. your own plants
  4. plant some trees every month
  5. cfc free is a big deal

1 Your Hard Earned Dollars at Work

One answer for how women can save the planet is to invest some cash. At tree planting initiatives, one usually gets a free T shirt. So, isn't it time we changed up the incentive? I mean who can resist free earphones? You could meet up with the organizers of such an event in your area and bring it up. You might have to pop out your own cash the first time to get the ball rolling, but the polar bears are worth it, right?

2 Use Your Car Less

I know, I know. You've heard it before, over and over. And cycling to work is a bit of an adjustment so let's try cycling on weekends to any place that's not too far. And carpooling during work days. Buying a green car is also an option. Take small steps instead of doing it all at once, and it's so much easier.

3 Your Own Plants

Flowers are pretty and herbs are useful. Both take up little space. So, just buy a couple of plants and water them. That's pretty much all you have to do.

4 Plant Some Trees Every Month

Every month, you could go to whoever is in charge of your local park and get them to agree to let you plant trees there.

5 CFC Free is a Big Deal

Look out for the CFC free products. They are better for your health and the environment.

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