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8 Tips to Be Green after Earth Day ...

By Alison

Did you notice that we celebrated Earth Day in April? If you didn’t, look out for it next year – there are lots of events to mark the occasion. Whether you took part or not, it’s important to remember that one day is just the start – we have to look after our beautiful planet every day! So I’ve come up with some helpful tips (I hope) to show how we can do our bit to be green after Earth Day.

Table of contents:

  1. Get growing
  2. On your bike
  3. Recycle more
  4. Own two feet
  5. Reduce impact
  6. Participate
  7. Cut down water usage
  8. Help wildlife

1 Get Growing

Have you noticed how the price of fresh produce keeps going up and up? If you have a garden (and the time), then why not try growing some lovely fresh vegetables? It’s also great exercise! Even if all you have is a balcony or terrace, there are lots of veggies that grow happily in pots, and even fruit trees. It’s better for the environment than importing produce from another country.

2 On Your Bike

A high proportion of car journeys made are only of a short distance. If you don’t really need to use the car, then get your bike out (buy a second-hand one if you don’t own one). You’ll get fit, help reduce the traffic, save the cost of gas and probably get there quicker!

3 Recycle More

Recycling has become a normal part of everyday life for most of us, but there may be something else we can recycle. To be green after Earth Day is over, think if there’s something that you don’t already recycle but could, then get started! For example, if you have a garden, build or buy a compost bin.

4 Own Two Feet

Thinking again of reducing unnecessary car journeys, there is another way of being a green traveler. Use your feet! Walking is also excellent exercise, and is easily incorporated into our daily routine. Reducing your short car journeys really helps.

5 Reduce Impact

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that we do things that have an effect on the environment; for example, public transport may not be a viable option for commuting to work. So think about what you can do to lessen that effect. Organise a car share, look into working from home for part of the week, or switch to two-wheeled transport.

6 Participate

One thing that will really help you to be green after Earth Day is to actively participate in doing something for the environment. So look for one of the many opportunities to help out there. Picking up litter, clearing ponds, helping animals – there are so many ways to make a difference.

7 Cut down Water Usage

Having a water meter is certainly an incentive to reduce your consumption, but it’s not the only reason. Reducing your use of a natural resource is a positive step towards being green. So don’t waste water! If you have a garden and live in an area with reasonable rainfall, invest in a water barrel and use that free water to water your garden.

8 Help Wildlife

Animals are an important part of our planet, so to be green you really need to help look after their welfare. Putting out water and food for the birds will be much appreciated in cold weather. You could also make your garden wildlife-friendly by planting flowers to attract insects.

It’s so important to look after our planet, as it’s the only one we’ve got, so everything we can do really helps. All these tips will help you do what you can. There’s lots of other things though, so what ideas can you suggest to be green after Earth Day and until the next one?

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