9 Major Cleaning Strategies That Will save You Hours of Time ...


9 Major Cleaning Strategies That Will save You Hours of Time ...
9 Major Cleaning Strategies That Will save You Hours of Time ...

Cleaning Tips are something I always love to find. Who doesn't want to discover awesome tips and strategies that will save you hours of time deep cleaning? I've decided to make a list of the very best cleaning tips I've come across over the years. These are cleaning tips that I use myself, so I know they work fabulously. Please continue reading for great cleaning tips that will help you fit more into your day by eating up less of your time!

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Set Small Goals

Rome wasn't built in a day. Your house won't be spotless in a day either! So don't set unrealistic goals. You can't clean out the attic, wash all the windows in the house, paint the study and plant a rose garden by 4 p.m. It helps to make a list at the beginning of the week with things you want to get done throughout the week, then choose one or two to get done each day. You will feel accomplished at the end of the day/week if you use this approach because it will feel like you got everything done that you wanted to instead of having unrealistic goals and not seeing them through.


Do a Little Each Day

Here is on of my main cleaning tips I always stress on. Do a little housework each day to avoid having a huge mess by the weekend. Pick up books, shoes, jackets, DVD's and other things your family leaves laying around daily. Wash the dishes, dust a little, whatever small chores you need to knock out of the way to keep things tidy and avoid having a mess the size of Texas by the end of the week. It really helps!


Toss Things out

One of my best cleaning tips involves learning how to use The Bag. By this I mean that you need to get a large garbage bag, go into rooms of your home and toss things you don't need/want/use. This could be outgrown clothes, toys your kids no longer play with, kitchen appliances you never use, purses you hate, ect. The point is to get rid of junk you don't use. This eliminates things that you will need to pick up and trip over, thus making your housework load lighter and giving your family more room to relax in!


Keep Wipes Handy

This is probably my favorite and most used cleaning tip of all! Keep jars of anti-bacterial wipes handy at all times. I have two or three in my home at any given time. They come in handy so often! I use them daily to wipe down my sink and toilet, kitchen counters, doorknobs, and any other surfaces I feel need cleaning. By doing this, you eliminate the need to deep clean as often. Your home stays fresh, and you have more time to do things you enjoy!


Deep Clean THIS Way

Deep cleaning DOES have to happen at some point, but if you approach it using these cleaning tips, it will go much smoother for you. Instead of tackling the whole house in one day or even one week, try tackling each room in your home weekly. By giving yourself one room per week to scrub, wash, shine and polish you will be able to fit other things into your week and not feel bogged down by housework, yet still have a clean house!


Buy a Feather Duster

I'm not kidding, having a feather duster is one of the top cleaning tips I have for you! Within minutes, you can literally have a dust free home. Just make sure you get a duster with real feathers. Faux feathers will just distribute the dust into the air and all over everything, whereas feathers will attract the dust.


Pick One Major Chore Each Week

The way I see it, there are chores, and there are MAJOR chores. I consider major chores to be things like mopping, laundry, washing windows, cleaning tubs and showers, ect. Major chores may vary in definition depending on the person but you get the idea. By picking one of these to do per week instead of trying to cram them all into one week, you will see that you have a lot of time left on your hands. Most of these chores don't need to be done on a weekly basis anyway.


Laundry Tips and Tricks

Laundry has always been a chore that I don't really mind. But I know that many people have a constant battle with laundry. Here are some cleaning tips for laundry I think you will find useful. Try and do one load per day instead of getting it all done in one day. This will help you stay on top of it so your laundry isn't being backed up, but it won't suck away your whole day. Also, as you bring your laundry into the laundry room, sort it into piles so it's ready to go when you start washing it.


The Really Big Secret

All right, the moment we've all been waiting for. Here is the really big secret out of all my cleaning tips. It's discipline. Yes, you heard me! By teaching yourself and those who live in your home to have a little discipline, your home can easily stay tidy. Putting things back into their place after using them, hanging up your own clothes, rinsing your dishes after using them, hanging up your towel after showering and other small things make a big difference in housework. Teaching your children to take off their shoes upon entering the house will eliminate dirt on the floors, thus keeping your floors much cleaner.

I promise that if you give these 9 major Cleaning Tips a try, you will be amazed at how you seem to have loads of time left on your hands! Housework can suck up a big part of your day if you let it, but knowing these cleaning tips can help you divide and conquer. I know, because they work for me on a daily basis. Do you have any great cleaning tips to share?

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