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8 Easy Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly ...

By Jennifer

We’re all looking for ways to be eco-friendly, aren’t we? But some of the ideas are ridiculously cumbersome and take a lot of forethought and effort. If you want to be more eco-friendly without the hassle, I can help! Here are 8 easy ways to be more eco-friendly.

1 Turn It off!

By turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, and by turning off the lights when you leave a room, you’ll save both water and electricity. Sure, this will save you money on your water and light bill, but it will also help as a way to be eco-friendly.

2 Bring Your Own (cup)

When I think of all the paper and plastic I’ve wasted over the years by using disposable coffee cups and plastic water bottles, it haunts me. That’s why I suggest this as a way to be eco-friendly: bring your own mug or use a re-usable water bottle. That one act alone can do a lot of good… don’t believe me? For one week, collect all of your empty water bottles and coffee cups, and stack them on your counter or desk. That’s a lot of trash, isn’t it?


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3 Turn down the Thermostat

As a girl who suffers a chill at the mere mention of a gust of wind, this one’s hard for me, but it works. Keep the thermostat down in the winter (68 degrees is comfortable) and up in the summer (78 will work) and you’ll be amazed at how much energy you save.

4 Buy Smart (and Pack Smart Too)

Your grocery shopping habits may be another way to be eco-friendly. First, stick to the produce and grains sections (meats and processed foods take a lot of energy to produce and prepare, and are often filled with eco-Unfriendly chemicals). Second, avoid packaged items that have more packaging than they need (like tiny bags of pretzels, as opposed to one bigger bag). Third, think about how you carry your items home. Paper, plastic, or canvas tote?

5 Buy Local

Buying local is one of my favorite ways to be eco-friendly. You use less gas to get there, and the items require less gas and energy to transport. Plus, the produce and other goodies are fresher, and are often organic, even if they’re not USDA certified. Woo!

6 Recycle Plastics

It is oh-so-easy to recycle plastics, so why don’t we do it more? Take the extra minute to toss your plastic shampoo and laundry soap bottles into the recycling bin, rather than the bathroom or laundry room trash bins. This is so easy, and can make such a difference!

7 Consider an EV (or Take Public Transit)

I first started taking the bus because it was cheap, less stressful than driving in rush-hour traffic, and because it gave me a chance to catch up on my reading. Then I found out it’s another way to be eco-friendly, which is such an added bonus! If you insist on having your own car, or just prefer it, then try an EV or a hybrid. They’re cool, and much more eco-friendly than a gas-guzzling traditional car.

8 Go Paperless

Think of all the mail you get each week, and how much of it goes straight to the recycling bin, or worse, the trash! Save all that paper by choosing an e-billing or e-newsletter (and coupon code) option. Most banks, utilities, and cell phone companies offer paperless billing, so use it! Register for online and email alerts and specials from your favorite shops, too, rather than receiving printed catalogs.

With so many easy ways to be more eco-friendly, there’s no excuse for being apathetic about saving the planet! Which of these tips do you already do, and which will you start doing now? Or do you have another very easy tip for being eco-friendly? Please share!

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