10 Top Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet ...


10 Top Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet ...
10 Top Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet ...

One of the first things people notice, when they enter your home is how clean and tidy it is, which means, to make a good impression, you need to do the housework. An important and time-consuming part of housework is vacuuming or cleaning your carpet. Of course, you can vacuum every week but sometimes the dirt goes too deep. Carpets can be quite expensive, so to get the most out of your carpet, it needs some TLC, and you need to know how to get rid of deep dirt or stains or just how to have your carpet look like new. Try the following top tips for cleaning your carpet and rugs.

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Prevent the Stains

Prevention is always better than cure. Take care of your carpet or rug - i.e. don’t wear shoes indoors, vacuum regularly and remove any stains immediately, if at all possible. If you do need to wear shoes indoors, invest in some good doormats – a heavy one outside the door to get rid of most of the dirt and grime off the bottom of your shoes and a lighter one inside your door to get any little specks of dirt left behind. Don’t forget this is not just for the front door. Any door leading outside can bring the dirt in.


Know Your Carpet or Rug

Know what type of fiber your carpet or rug is made of – you will need to use different products for wool carpets than you will need for synthetic carpets. Check the manufacturer’s label before reaching for that product. Sometimes, the best top tip for cleaning your carpet is knowing what you're working with.


Dab to Remove Stains

One of the best tips for carpet cleaning is the removal of stains. Not following the best/recommended practice can result in permanent damage. To remove stains, don’t rub; this will loosen the pile and weaken the carpet fibers, leaving your carpet looking fuzzy and worn. Dab at the stain to remove any excess fluid and then use a powder cleaner to remove the remainder.


Avoid Heat

Another top tip for cleaning your carpet is to stay away from heat. Don't use any heaters to try to dry the stain. Doing this will only make the stain set.


Prevent Mildew

If your carpet gets wet, leave a window open close by and allow for adequate ventilation to try to prevent mildew. This is another handy prevention tip for cleaning rugs that makes simple on-going maintenance so much easier. Carpet or rug cleaning becomes a lot harder once mildew sets in.


Removing Mildew

If you do get mildew, try a mild commercial mildew remover or a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Test any stain removers in a corner or out of the way spot first. That way you can make sure it won’t damage the color of your carpet or rug.


Vacuum Regularly

It may seem obvious but the very best tip for cleaning your carpet is to vacuum on a regular basis and do it thouroughly. A quick vacuum won’t pick up a lot of dirt or grime, which will then build up and ruin the carpet. Go over each section of the carpet or rug several times to make sure you get as much dirt as possible.


Shampoo Regularly (your Carpet, Not Your Hair)

Shampoo your carpet on a regular basis as well using a mild carpet shampoo. Only use strong carpet or rug cleaning products on stubborn stains. Another tip for cleaning carpet is to definitely not experiment with other household cleaners not designed for carpets. Some may contain bleach that you might not be aware of and this will strip color from your rug.


Removing Strong Odors

Carpet shampoo can also help to remove any strong odors that may be lurking. A smelly carpet can affect your entire house. It's better to avoid it from the start.


Get Professional Help

And, the final tip for cleaning your carpet is that every so often it deserves a treat. For a really good clean, get a professional carpet cleaner in every 6 months, or hire a deep carpet cleaner. To find a carpet cleaner look in the phone book or use Google on the Internet. Just search for your town + carpet cleaning, e.g. "Houston carpet cleaning" if you live in Houston, Texas.

Remember, your carpet is an important part of your house and something that visitors will see, often as soon as they step in the door, so it can create an immediate impression of your home. Looking after you carpet is also looking after the hefty investment you made. If you've tried any of these top tips for cleaning your carpet, I hope they helped. Did they work for you or do you know of some other tricks to try? Please, share!

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