8 Zany Cleaning Utilities ...


8 Zany Cleaning Utilities ...
8 Zany Cleaning Utilities ...

Zany cleaning utilities come in all shapes and sizes, some wackier than others, some more useful than others but all equally fun and interesting to talk about. Do you agree? Well, wait until you see these 8 zany cleaning utilities I’ve came across! I doubt you’ll ever need them, though, but, hey… Never say never…

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USB Vacuum Cleaner

The first and definitely the cutest of all zany cleaning utilities I’m going to mention today! So, check out this cool, retro USB vacuum cleaner that won’t only look good on your desk but help you to keep it clean, too. I could definitely use one and, in case you too tend to get quite surprised by the amount of bread crumbs hiding in your keyboard, I’m sure you know what I mean.


Baby Mop

They drool, scream, throw food around, poop and pee themselves quite often and you actually have to wait good 10 to 15 years for them to start helping around the house. Well, some people have apparently had enough of the baby drama so they decided to come up with an invention that would allow busy and a bit lazy parents to put their babies into a good use. Everything a parent in question has to do is dress the baby up in this mop-equipped outfit and let it crawl on the surface that needs a sweep. I doubt baby mop will ever make it do the best seller list but hey, it’s wacky enough to be on this one!


Dust Ball

This monstrosity falls into the category of those zany cleaning utilities that seemed like a good idea but turned out almost useless. Yes, the ball rolls on its own, it vacuum cleans on its own, glows when the container is full and even returns on the charger on its own, there’s just one tiny problem- the size. So, unless you own a house at least as big as the Playboy Mansion, I doubt you’ll be able to put it into a good use.


Bathroom Robot

“Itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout” Well, this spider-like bathroom robot may not be as tiny as the popular song suggests, but it will definitely go up, down, left or right and keep crawling until your bathroom starts sparkling! Just hook it up to the tap and relax because this hi-tech critter will do all the dirty work for you! Now, that’s one insect you’ll love, I’m sure of that.


FOKI Shoes

Hey Mr. Skywalker, I have no clue what happened to your light saber but I have a pretty good idea on where your shoes have ended up! And – guess what? A guy named Adika Titut Triyugo played with them a little bit and I bet both you and princess Leia would be happy to know that, from now on, you can work on your moves and give that spaceship a nice sweep, all at the same time. Outrageous? Oh come on – why not? They even come with rechargeable batteries and led displays to remind you that your hi-tech footwear needs recharging!


Mob Slippers

In case the FOKI shoes seem a little bit too hi-tech for your taste you can always try the mob slippers which are, by the way, said to be the perfect way to put your dancing skills into a good use. “If you can’t dance the night away, at least dance the dust away!” It’s better than making your baby do all the dirty work, anyway!


Cockroach Killers

Since I’m already talking about slippers and zany cleaning utilities I might as well mention this interesting pair of house slippers that’s supposed to help you deal with your cockroaches from a safe distance. They might prove to be difficult to walk in (especially down the steps) but keep them around just in case one of those nasty critters ever crosses your path.


Ear Cleaning Cam

Personal hygiene has never been so… um… Graphic? Gross? Reality TV-like? Come on, help me out. What’s the word I’m looking for? What word would you use to describe a tool that has a built in camera designed to give its user the unique opportunity to observe the ear-cleaning process? Yuck! Even I am not THAT curious!

Would any of you be interested in anyone of these zany cleaning utilities and, if yes, which one? I think the retro vacuum cleaner is kind of cute and…well, that’s pretty much it! I don’t really need to see the inside of my ear and you definitely won’t see me wearing those Star Wars hi-tech shoes anytime soon! Thanks but no thanks!

Top Photo Credit: Daquella manera

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