15 Inspiring Tips to Stop Living a Boring Life ...

By Alicia

15 Inspiring Tips to Stop Living a Boring Life ...

Has it ever crossed your mind that you might have gotten into a rut? Maybe your life has become a little bit predictable or even boring? Most of us feel that way at some point in our lives. When you find yourself in that position, the most important thing to do is make some changes to stop living a boring life and live one that brings you excitement and happiness.

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Get out There

habitat, hair, long hair, I’m a homebody. A night at home in my joggers enjoying Netflix is very comforting to me and I have a feeling that some of you can relate. But you can’t live an exciting life from the couch. That’s okay sometimes but if you want to get rid of the boring element then you’ve got to get out there and gain new experiences. Try new restaurants, new activities and see new places!


Be Bold

red, beauty, fashion, model, nightclub, Many times being boring comes from a lack of boldness. You’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Dare yourself to go bold. This means that you wear the outfit you’re intrigued by, you buy the lipstick that’s a little brighter than usual and you give up your tendency to hide in the crowd. It’s okay to be a standout girl!


Work on Your Bucket List

text, cartoon, writing, learning, illustration, Most of us have a list of things we want to do in our lifetime. Break out of boring by getting started on making those experiences happen. If they’re a stretch for your budget then start saving for them. In the meantime you can dream and plan for when it does happen. This’ll keep your sense of adventure strong.


Say Yes

YES!, Do you find that you almost always say no to things? It can become so much of a habit that you do it before the question is even asked. At least consider saying yes when new opportunities open up. Maybe a friend asks you to go to a concert or try a new hobby with them. Saying yes can open up a whole new world to you.


Laugh More

, Laughter brightens your life. So many of us don’t allow ourselves to enjoy laughter because we’re just too busy or we don’t think it’s important. Be open to fun. As my husband often reminds me, laughing is healthy! It’s good for you mind, body and soul.

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


Enjoy the Moment

entertainment, ENJOY, LIFE, You can miss so much because you’re busy or intent on accomplishing everything on your to-do list. I understand that because I’m quite the type A personality and I almost feel panicked without my list to keep me on track. But I’m learning to relax somewhat and enjoy the little moments that happen in my life. They’re make life worth living and give your days joy. Savor all the funny, special and heartfelt moments that come your way.


Instagram It

human action, face, hair, person, head, This’s a little challenge for you. Consider posting one picture a day to Instagram for a month. It’s a way to capture your life at a glance. It’s also a small encouragement to do things that’re fun and exciting if for no other reason than to capture it on social media. Looking back on the pictures you’ve captured can make you feel warm and happy inside.


Tap into Your Childhood Self

people, spring break, photo shoot, The nine year old you is still in there somewhere, and every now and then it’s goo to let them out and indulge in some good old childish fun to help you forget about some of the more boring parts of your life!


Wear Your Sexiest Lingerie!

clothing, person, girl, mouth, muscle, Just because your love life might not be going exactly to plan, it doesn’t mean that you can’t slip into your sexiest lingerie under your work clothes; it feels super empowering!


Play Cell Phone Roulette

red, person, photography, singing, photo shoot, When you have a day where you are feeling particularly bored with no plans, quickly scroll through your contacts and whoever you land on, shoot them a message to see if you can arrange something fun!


Sign up for a Class

person, eating, sense, PUGIFS, There are literally classes for every kind of leisure activity and hobby these days!Whether it’s dancing or pottery or cooking, you can find a local class and make some new friends along the way.


Get in Front of a Mic!

hair, blue, girl, blond, mouth, Unleash your inner Whitney Houston at a karaoke night or your inner Chelsea Handler a ta local open mic comedy night. There is nothing like the thrill of performing in front of a crowd!


Start a DIY Project

hair, face, nose, black hair, lip, If you really don’t fancy leaving the house, then you might as well make your homemore exciting by starting a cool DIY project that will add enliven your environment.


Visit Museums

Art Institute of Chicago Museum Shop, Paris, a Rainy Day, Paris, A Rainy Day, ballet, sports, There are at least a few museums near every town and city, and if you are looking for something to do for the day, then you can’t get much more educational than that!


Swap Devices for People

people, conversation, interaction, Group, Hug, Get your head out of your smartphone and reconnect with the real world and real people.Get out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, evening drinks, everything!

These’re 15 ways to stop living a boring lifestyle. Do you feel your life has become boring? Please share your thoughts on this subject!

Written in conjunction with editor Neecey Beresford

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