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7 Tips on Living a Simple Life ...

By Rosalina

I am a firm believer that living a simple life will mean that many of the modern anxieties we suffer from can be eradicated. There is a lot to be said for decluttering and streamlining our lives for peace of mind and if you're looking for some tips on living a simple life and feeling more tranquil as a result, here are some ideas.

Table of contents:

  1. Get offline
  2. Walk this way
  3. Get thrifty
  4. Self-sufficient
  5. Throw it out
  6. Declutter your workspace
  7. Be more mindful

1 Get Offline

There are many benefits of being online and it has helped us in many ways. As with everything though, something that was once a help can sometimes become a hindrance and make our lives more metaphorically cluttered. Our minds become so filled with what others are doing and where they're going, as well as what we should be buying and where we should be holidaying, that we forget to just be. One of the steps to living a simple life is to reduce your online time. You will feel better as a consequence.

2 Walk This Way

Reducing your driving time will also make you feel so much better. Sitting in traffic for hours on end doesn't make you feel great and although living the simple life doesn't mean becoming more primitive in our habits, it does mean doing things which will make us feel less muddled and manic inside. Walking is wonderful and if you can walk to the grocery store to cut your carbon footprint, all the better.

3 Get Thrifty

Shopping at thrift stores is great for the environment. It's recycling at its very best and means you can find bargain items to make your house a home. Buying a new sofa at a store is great but if you have to buy it on credit and spend the next four years paying it off, it's just another load on your shoulders that you have to bear. Take advantage of the fabulous and unique finds in thrift shops instead.

4 Self-Sufficient

Another way to live more simply is to be more self-sufficient. How about growing your own fruit and veg and eating in season? How about making your own cleaning products from items in your pantry and beautifying yourself with the contents of your fridge? You don't have to spend lots of money to eat well and look fabulous!

5 Throw It out

Have a look around your home. Do you have items which don't have any purpose and which just gather dust? Is it time to have a look in your wardrobe and see what you can let go of? This will make you feel so much better, as precious morning time will be saved by not having to rifle through items to find something that fits. If you haven't worn it for years and deep down know you're unlikely to, be ruthless and get rid of it.

6 Declutter Your WORKSPACE

Another way to live a simpler life is to declutter your workspace. Look around your desk. Do you have so many piles of things that your brain feels fuzzy just looking at it? It's not good for you to be surrounded by clutter, so having a simple desk will mean that you will be able to work more efficiently and feel wonderful as a consequence.

7 Be More Mindful

I know I keep going on about mindful meditation, but it is wonderful and can really help to clear that space in your mind and help you evaluate what is really important in your life. Spending time on 'autopilot' all the time means that people rarely step back and evaluate their lives, as they're constantly on life's treadmill. Spend 10-20 minutes each day just checking in on yourself and evaluating how you're feeling. It really does work wonders.

These are just a few ways to live a simpler life. Do you have any hints and tips?

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