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Fun Tips to Banish Boredom for People Who Are Often Alone ...

By Valencia

If you don't have plans with your friends and you're on your own this weekend, boredom can drive you crazy. But there are ways to banish boredom when you're alone and make good use of your time. Here's how?

1 Watch YouTube Videos

I’ve found that it's easy to get rid of boredom by watching YouTube videos. Surely, there's something you're interested in or a project you want to learn more about. Personally, I can spend hours watching natural hair tutorials on YouTube and experimenting with different hair techniques, or I'll watch old music videos and television sitcoms.

2 Organize Your Life

If you're always talking about starting projects around the house, but you never find time, this might be the perfect time to get started. You can organize your closet, under your bed, your bathroom, kitchen cabinets, etc. This might be the last thing you want to do. But it’s an excellent way to fill your time.


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Good ways to blow off steam

3 Head Outdoors

Sitting in the house all day can drive you crazy. If it's a nice day, head outdoors for some vitamin D and fresh air. You can go to the park and take a nice stroll. Do you enjoy photography? This might be the perfect time to take a few shots. Or you can go to the beach, grab some ice cream, stroll the boardwalk and people watch.

4 Take Yourself to Dinner or Lunch

It's time to get over your fear of dining alone. You don't have to wait for your boyfriend, friends or family to be available. If you want to check out a new restaurant for lunch or dinner, take yourself. The trick is knowing how to dine alone. Bring your tablet or a magazine, or bring your computer and catch up on some work.

5 Explore Your Artsy Side

If you love drawing and crafts, take advantage of your time alone. Rather than sit around bored, start a project and make good use of your time. Maybe you can come up with a new design plan for your bedroom or bathroom, or purchase an adult coloring book and crayons and relive your childhood.

6 Browse Movies on Netflix

If you're really bored and can’t get out the house, sign into Netflix and find a movie to watch. But don't pick a movie that you've already seen one million times. Pick a movie that you've never seen but heard great things about, such as a cult classic from the 80s or 90s. Good picks might include the Goonies, the Breakfast Club, Clueless, Mean Girls, or choose a thriller, drama or action movie you’ve never seen.

7 Exercise

Understandably, some people don't want to exercise when they're bored – they want to have fun. But if you want to start an exercise routine and get into better shape, why not start now? You have no distractions and plenty of time. Start slow by going for a walk around the block or taking your bike out for an afternoon stroll.

Banishing boredom is easier than you might think. Rather than complain about being bored and do nothing about it, brainstorm possible activities and you’ll discover there are plenty of ways to spend your time. You don’t need others to have a good time and enjoy yourself. What are other ways to get rid of boredom when you're alone?

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